Modern Thought
A collection of animations by UK Artist David Shrigley.

The Perry Bible Fellowship
Great strip cartoons from Nicholas Gurewitch. Thanks to Cash for the link.

Noe Design
An extremely clever interface - if I had this action figure, I could have him design logos for my Adventure People...

Forbidden Library
Reading any of these books will turn an everyday hobby into an social-norm bucking thrillride! Well, to a seventh grader, at least.

Kelly Lynn Jones
Wonderful and delicate imagery in the gallery. Yeah, I can appreciate quilts - take that, meatheads!

The Global Rich List
I assume anyone who can access this webpage is AT LEAST in the top twenty percent...

Car Crash on News
This is almost too ridiculous to believe... but, the camera doesn't lie...

The Monkey Prison
These little guys deserve everything they get. I really needed my car! To drive places!

Bill Watterson on Comics
A speech Watterson gave, on the state of comic art. Pretty damn insightful...

The Credit Card Prank
This fellow wanted to see just how bad his signature could get before people noticed it didn't match his card...