Falling within the Month of June, 2007

ALA Shirts on Sale!
I should think of a clever catchphrase for this... maybe "ALA shirts on SALA!" Though... that looks like a typo for "ALA shirts on SALAD!"... These shirts do look good on a salad, by the way.
The Wenceslas Hollar Digital Collection
Over 4,000 original illustrations from a master etcher. Via Metafilter.
Increase your brainpower without a Nintendo DS! If you're hesitant to sign up, just try out the IQ test games.
TV Tropes Wiki
A collection of common storytelling devices and conventions seen in television, literature and film.
Stuff and Nonsense Badges
Andy Clarke has put together a real life Stuff and Nonsense badge. I'm going to wear mine on my chest!

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