Falling within the Month of May, 2007

1000 Blank White Cards
A fun little card game. Though it's not really a card game. It's a drawing game. Now all I need is someone to play with...
The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies
Alas Haberule — I hardly knew 'ye. Via Drawn
Only 5 Left
Just in case your wondering, there are only 5 Swap Meat Scrapbooks left. So... if you want one... you're running out of time. *UPDATE: All sold out*
Cat with Bow Golf
Quite a fun game — I just wish the graphics were as tip-top as the mechanics...
Resources and listings for illustrators. This is only in its beta stage, but it could turn out to be a handy portal. Via Drawn.
Panda Sneeze
The big guy seems a bit jittery. That must be caffeinated bamboo.

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