Falling within the Month of April, 2007

The ALA Web Design Survey
If you're a web designer, zoom on over to A List Apart and answer some questions. Let's help each other find out more about industry standards like salary and necessary skills.
Henry Needle & Sons
Finally — a solution for carrying my keys, phone, wallet, mojo, thermos, and change of clothes without a cumbersome bag!
Pop-Up Moleskine
Jim Woodring turns his sketchbook into a pop-up sketchbook — fantastic idea! Via Drawn.
Archival Quality
Stan sends out a call to discuss better archiving of design on the web — anyone got a good solution?
Language In Common
Do yourself a favor... download this, and this, and this, and this, and read them. Via Coudal.
Carbon Copies
I'm not sure this is the thing for me or not, unless I can specify a hardness/softness value. I believe I'm more of a 2h guy than a 6b, you know? Via Drawn.
Bennett Robot Works
Hey... that's looks like my toaster... and... my radio transmitter!!! (link courtesy of Biggest Apple).

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