Falling within the Month of March, 2007

A sketchbook you carry like a bag! This will be much more pleasing to draw in than my groceries were...
A vast collection of unintentional comic-book humor. If you only have three clicks left in your mouse, go here, here, and here.
How can a site run by a robot have so much heart? Whatever the case, if you haven't seen the blog, portfolio and comics of John Martz, you should.
I wish my desk was this smart. Or at least didn't have all those boogers on the underside.
Pen Tricks
Learn how to twirl your pen about your hand like how Alexei Tikhonov tosses Maria Petrova around on the ice. Oh geez... um... forget I said that.
Start Here
I believe I'll have to look into these for my next sketchbook. Via Stanislaus.
If A Bird Can't Fly It Walks
The Morning News selected my entry for The Non-Expert's Contest for Total Idioms. Jump on over there now to pick it up in bumper sticker form!

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