Falling within the Month of November, 2006

Smarter Current States
Dan's 4th installment on better Flashing. I'm speaking of the program Flash, of course. Though I have been looking to improve my trenchcoat-opening technique.
Times Mastheads
The evolution of this thing is just wonderful to see. The third one is probably my favorite, though I suppose that one only accomodates a slow news day... it's HUGE. From Smallest Photo.
Desktop Christmas Tree
Get your computer a digital christmas tree this year. It's free, and you won't have to contact the township to haul it away come February.
My Team, Your Team
Someone play this with me, please.
Executive Coloring Book
Oh man. I ran out of gray halfway through this thing...
Are You Tone Deaf?
Time to find out if I wasted my money on that tour bus. Via Coudal, buried under a pile of feeds.
The Wovel
If I had one of these things, I'd never throw out my back while shoveling snow again. So let's all agree not to share this link with my wife and neighbors. Hmmm?
The Game of Life
Hmmm. I'd hoped the breeding would be more... you know...
Flowers Feed The Soul
I'll tell you what else they feed: me. With amazement. At this site's design and animation.
ALA T-Shirts...
...are now available! Including one of my favorite ALA drawings.
Crown Glass
For years I wondered why I'd see windows with a weird "bull's eye" shape in one of the panes. Well, I finally have my answer...
Guess The Logo
Well... I can't clarify that any further. So I'll just sit here and hum while you go guess. Hummmmm.... hummmmmm.... From Coudal.

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