Falling within the Month of October, 2006

50 Dark Movies, Hidden in a Painting
I have to say... I'm quite impressed with this game. And I'd love to know who painted it. Via Stanislaus.
The Highest Scrabble Score Ever. Maybe. Via Kottke.
Origins of Letterforms
Where do all these CRAZY letterforms come from? Robbed from Rob (The link... not the letterforms).
Death By Caffeine
Find out how many glasses of your favorite caffeinated beverage you'll need before you go from perpetually awake... to perpetually asleep.
Shaun Inman 9
It's a ballsy experiment... let's check it out together, shall we?
An Illustrated History of Wood Engraving
Oh baby. From C world.
Snakebite Advice
The lesson here is ALWAYS make sure you're smarter than helpful strangers.
Falling Sand Game
Hmmm... who would have thought sand could be fun!?
Guest on Veerle's Blog
Veerle Pieters was gracious enough to interview me for her magnificent site — Feel free to give it a read!
Kindness and Humility
The simple functionality of Chris Erickson's portfolio site is just... beautiful.
2006 Spooky Monkeys
There's 8 new Spooky Monkeys on sale now! Get em while they're hot and scary! UPDATE: Sorry folks... all sold out. But they're still worth looking at!
Blind Contour Portraits
Portrait prints fresh from the Inktopus's Garden... where the Silkscreen Blossom grows.

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