Falling within the Month of September, 2006

Marmaduke Explained
I'll need someone to do this for Family Circus, as well.
Cutout Art
I doubt any of the buildings would pass building codes. Or a really strong breeze. But man this stuff is fun to look at... From an enormous and healthy snack.
Man Joins Art
I myself have considered elbowing David out of the spotlight. Though I admit, I'd probably don a fig-leaf.
How to Build an Igloo
Don't scoff. What if an Ice Age hits when you least expect it? What are you gonna live in? Tauntaun belly?
Homemade Tattoos
I don't advocate doing this in any way. But it's good to know how to do it, if I ever get a spare body.
Kingdom of Loathing
It's an RPG, so I feel nerdy... but it's funny — so the laughter heals my nerd-shame. Everything balances out!
The Glass Armonica
Play those bowls! And if you hate reading, just listen to this.

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