Falling within the Month of July, 2006

I didn't know infants in arms until
The Summer 2006 Issue of Born Magazine is released, including a excellently-executed contribution by the bewitching Mr. Weychert. Feel free to visit his own write-up, to get some insight as to his choices, and add your thoughts.
Vanishing Coin Trick
Get a start on your magic career, a "lonely life where people make fun of you behind your back and you don't even know it". Of course, if that doesn't bother you, you might also want to pursue the Phantom Coin, Whispering Queen, and Forcing the Card.
I'm not sure what station number this is. But there's bare asses, so it must be cable...
Fleet Street Scandal
Smart, sharp prints from two excellent artists, Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart. It's like a superhero team that fights empty wall-space.
Draw the Pirate
Glad I never participated in that send-away drawing test; I handle rejection MUCH differently. From the resplendent Mr. Corey.
Make a Chewbacca
You've always wanted to make a puppet; now you're one light-year closer! Via Drawn.

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