Falling within the Month of May, 2006

Rebecca Silus
Wonderful landscapes — an incredible balance between simple and complex, detail versus ambiguity, color and empty canvas...
Card Throwing
Oh baby... I'm going to give that hard fruit and drywall their comeuppance!
My Father the Transvestite
Now that's a good story...
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Maybe it's about time to find out. For years now, I've suspected it was my creepy neighbor, Mr. Pintulo — but I may be wrong. Via the usual suspect.
Rodney White
Gorgeously painted "snapshots", reminiscent of antique package design. I love every one of 'em... From k10k.
Stamp Out Hunger, 2006 Food Drive
It's pretty simple — just put the food outside your door, and the mailman does the rest...
The Regurgitators
"Vaudeville historians state that booking the regurgitators almost always had the effect of killing their supper shows"
The Sensitive Issue of Bodygrooming
Excellent handling of a delicate subject! Let's hope the razor handles... other... delicate subjects with equal excellence.

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