Falling within the Month of April, 2006

Incredible Machines
Japanese Rube Goldberg contraptions. Even though these are a well-mined concept, I will never tire of watching them in action... From the inestimable Mr. Corey.
Fedex Logo
I never picked up on this. Although, I can say that I always seemed to head East when looking for a FedEx facility. From SvN.
Stephen Wiltshire
Cityscapes and landscapes by an autistic savant artist; make sure you check out this project. Nabbed from Coudal.
Damn Interesting
If you're like me, and you just love to read about facts and such... this is the place for you.
In this version you can NEVER rip the felt and destroy the table and ruin family fun night...
Book Bound in Human Skin Discovered
Library overdue fines were much more severe 300 years ago.
Paper Airplanes
Make an entire flammable airforce...
The Cloud Highway
You can't afford to be late!

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