Falling within the Month of September, 2005

Doodle Association
Dustin shows his results from the Doodle Association Game.
Drömkök Åt Alla
Remember that scene in Fight Club, when Edward Norton's living room fills with mail-order furniture? Remember it?
The Smaller Picture
Each visit is a chance to decide whether one pixel of the picture should be black or white, in a collective attempt to create a themed image. You can watch an animation of how the image is transforming, too.
Grand Canyon Walkway
Never. Never, never, never, never, never-never-never-never. Never. Via Firewheel.
Tongue Bug
This a really quite a creepy thought. Glad I'm not a fish. Thanks to Anders for the link.
Bazooka Joe Theatre
Looks like Inkfinger is moving into the big-time producer arena.
Design Encyclopedia
This could work out really well. It's a wiki, so it's built by users adding their own two cents on the subject — now... go be an author. From k10k.
Q about Quark
Stan posits a question to print designers. And you know what? I'd like to hear their opinion on this too...
Small Stuff
Photos of tiny things by Cynthia Greig. From good ol' Coudal.
Tell them what kind of music you like, and they'll create a playlist of songs you might wanna listen to. Now that's pretty helpful!
Ashley Wood
Excellent, excellent work — his paintings strike the perfect balance between detail and suggestion...
Type Workshop
Finally, a workshop you can't lose a finger in. And it's an excellent type resource to boot! Win/Win!
Logo Rip-Offs
Some mighty suspicious design similarities being pointed out here. Via Jeff Croft.
Apparently, our current depictions of dinosaurs are a bit wide of the mark. Thanks to Charles for the story link.
There's no other way to describe it... this site is just fucking sweet. Thanks to Dave for the link.
My Pirate Name
Another "name generator", although this is the most in-depth questionnaire in which I've ever partook.

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