Falling within the Month of August, 2005

Quite a good way to make sure you still have a record of what was inspirational about a particular site (especially if they redesign when you're not looking).
Barnacle Press
A plethora of vintage comics from the first half of the 20th century. That's a LOT of art! Via Drawn.
Enjoy Greener Grass
Some excellent flash animation - I'm always a big fan of using paper on the web!
Design In-Flight
...is reborn as a website. Hurrah!
An agency site with the fun, little flash details that make you want to eat the page.
A photoblog with quite a unique way to present content.
Cat in the Box
There's going to be a lot of cat vomit on their floor...
Cheat at Scrabble
Get all these tattooed on your body – you'll win every time...
Well, you can click this link — but don't click anything else!
Rachael Fowler
Subtle tonal changes and stripped-down compositions... this is how traditional art looks naked.

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