Falling within the Month of July, 2005

Smoking Manners
Tiny little japanese advertisements encouraging proper smoking ettiquette. Yanked from Coudal
Create and save your own quick flipbook-style animation.
Visit today. There are many wonderous scenes to fly through...
Checkershadow Illusion
Wow... this is incredible. Looks like I'm going to have to punish my eyes for tricking me. *stab*
Snickers Satisfies
This is a clever premise for a site. Every day there's a new "satisfying" little flash game. I really do wanna go back every day... and I'm a LAZY web surfer.
Murray, A Monkey's Tail
Frequent visitor Biggest Apple documents the arrival of Murray, the Sockmonkey. After a 5-day transit, I'm sure I would lounge about, too...
Online Etch-A-Sketch
Unlike a real one, you can't break this open to find out what's inside. But try anyways.

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