Falling within the Month of June, 2005

10 Worst Album Covers of All Time
There's no real loser here. They're all champions in my book.
Book Jacket Designs
Another collection from the New York Public Library. Much more interesting than human jackets.
The Fantastic in Art and Fiction
An excellent collection of art maintained by Cornell University. Lifted unabashedly from Coudal.
Inman Redux
The Shaun Inman redesign is .com/plete. Wonderful! Wonderful!
Paypal Advice
How to Spot Fraudulent Emails. It never hurts to read a little about this subject – it could save your account from an ass-reaming.
Vintage Ad's Journal
Just what it promises to be. I love looking at this stuff! Via Drawn.
Awesome Flooring
I apparently sell rugs. Awesome Rugs (8th listing down).
Draw A Pig
Finally, a personality test specifically targeting my personality!
International Federation of Competitive Eating

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