Falling within the Month of May, 2005

Scott Brooks
Beautiful rendered art with some unsettlingly effective concepts. You've been warned. Thanks to John Nick for the link.
Dianne Murphy
Gorgeous color etchings that explore the creepier side of childhood. I'll probably just skip the doll aisle at the toy store entirely from now on. Thanks to Mearso for the link.
Jeff Louella
Another Standards Nut is born! Jeff gives a little insight into web history...
Calf Born with 5 Legs
According to the rancher, "The little booger's doing good."
Poison Ivy Identifier
It's like Hot or Not for Poison Ivy. A helpful guide to start the summer!
Old Trading Cards
Turn-of-the-century (last century) caricatures, in trading card form. I'll trade you my Mark Twain for your Roscoe Conkling!
An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth
Some damn good advice. Swiped from 37signals.
The Big Picture film
Illustrator Kevin Fitzpatrick documents his drawing process, and discusses the personal philosophies the act reflects. It's really interesting to watch these drawings come together...
Conclave Obscurum
One of the first flash sites that took my breath away redesigns. It still has the jittery creepiness I loved, and a few more neat new visuals.
Dan Mall
A simple, clean blog from a man who loves design. Keep your eye on this fella...

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