Falling within the Month of April, 2005

Mel Kadel
Wonderfully honest illustrations. They feel like turn-of-the-century book drawings, rescued from the attic, and drawn on again...
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"People from around the world share their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard." Man - it's like the post office opened a confessional!
Unintentionally Sexual Comic Covers
Maddox at The Best Page in the Universe evaluates 5 disturbing Comic Book covers. Via Tom.
Afterglow Studio
The incredible lamps of Andrew Schulman. My favorite? Why it has to be the Capper...
Create A Caricature
Time to mock your friends and co-workers! Just select pieces from the drop-downs on the left to build a drawing. You can also do female caricatures...
Radiohead Art
A humongous collection of imagery and internet goo-gaa, organized by album. Nabbed from Drawn
A useful skill to have. I may have to resort to burglary once this artsy-fartsy thing falls through.

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