Falling within the Month of March, 2005

A Letter To The Moon
White Ninja mails a letter to the moon...
Jim Horwat
A great mix of color and shape - each of these images are simple and complex at the same time!
Buffo, World's Strongest Clown
Quote: 'Buffo is not an ordinary clown. Seeing is believing'. I'm not sure I could handle seeing Buffo in real life. Via Pajamazzon.
4 Sisters put their art on display together. There's a nice assortment of style in this cozy little site...
Dan James' illustration - an organic, woodblock-ish style with skillful color usage. Thanks to Rob for the link.
Jon Burgerman
A wonderful new redesign with lots of playful content - I'm having a ball!
Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines. Lifted gingerly from Coudal.
Virtual Rubik's Cube
I only beat Rubik's Cube once, and that was because I peeled off all the stickers and rearranged them. You need to click on the astronaut on the far left to mix it up and get it started...
Picnic Mountain; A Prequel
An Inkfinger Cartoon by Matt Sutter. Might be one of my favorites to date.
Henrik Drescher
The loose, organic style of Henrik Drescher. Use the columns on the left and right to view his sketches and art.
World Beard Championships
I think I've said all I need to grab your interest.
NYPL Digital Gallery
The New York Public Library's 275,000 image archive of ephemera and memorabilia. It's now even easier for me to be a shut-in. Via Zeldman.
Hold the Onions
An inkfinger cartoon come to life, executed by Ian Corey.
The Shoelace Site
Ian Fieggen has put together the most comprehensive site about shoelaces and shoelace-tying I've ever seen. Now I don't need to buy velcro shoes anymore!

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