Falling within the Month of May, 2004

Typewriter Art
This fellow uses a typewriter to create portraits, landscapes, even replicate existing art.
Fallacious Arguments
In the ancient art of rhetoric, there are proper argumentative avenues, and paths which prove poor reasoning no matter what you have to say. You already knew that, eh? Well, suck poop.
Robert Burns Cameron III
Reciept drawings, drawings from work (a sketchbook), and Uber-style (a video) piece. Interesting stuff to check out!
Playground Blues
Personal Site of Nathan Borror. Photos, a unique array of projects, a healthy weblog, and an impressive array of resources make one rich site. A great example of designing with CSS, too.
Design Kitten
The personal site of Trish Harvey - "artist, philosopher & design kitten". Great use of color accents and a meandering, exploratory line on this illustrative weblog.
The Condiment Gallery
This one was posted in the Online Museums comments (in the News Section), but I thought it was so cool I figured I'd put it in here, too.
Farah Nosh
Photojournalist whose work in pre and post-war Iraq gives an intimate view on Iraqi culture, and the effect of war on the people. Thanks to K. Bicket for the link.
We Are Porn
Art influenced by (or derived from) pornographic imagery. Don't panic - this isn't a porno site, although you might wanna steer clear if your squeamish about that sort of thing.
Carl De Kyzer
Excellent photos, and an excellent presentation.
300 Images from 1800 Sites
Ro London started collecting "iconesque" web images for reference and study, and amassed them here. There's some great idea generators.
British Library
The British Library takes such notable artistic works as Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook and the Lindisfarne Gospels, couples it with "faux-book" navigation, and tops it off with audio/text commentary. God, I hope this never goes offline.
An excellent body of charicature art and illustration, in the faux-book navigation format.
Logo Resources
A good site for finding company logos in .eps form. You can also try logotypes.ru.

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