Falling within the Month of April, 2004

TRON Costume
This will eventually be a quality piece of outerwear. I would suggest a codpiece before he goes out in public, however.
Motion graphics effects for purchase. Not sure about the inevitable knitting together of other's work, but it promises to be a pretty good effects reference.
The Horror of Blimps
Somehow, stories of other people acting in crazed fear always amuse me.
Time Capsule
I'm sure you've seen one of these before. Input your birthdate, and find out the news headlines for that day. Salvadore Dali was born on my birthday... maybe I should grow a handlebar mustache!
The personal site of Canadian multimedia developer Philip Glofcheskie. Make sure you check out the .swf work - it's always nice to see experiments presented in a pretty package.
I can't get enough of this typographical approach; and the navigation is pretty unique, but intuitive enough that it's not scary.
A very appropriate way for an agency to show their reel, and an intuitive interface with pleasing highlights. Not to mention a fantastic body of work.
Girl on Xylophone
This kid is either a musical prodigy, or some kind of puppet... which would explain the perpetual smile.
Find A Grave
Bring out your dead! Or, look them up here and bring 'em out yourself. Via Bored.
Level Vodka
Just a pretty, pretty site. The little details like the cursor and the "loading" bottle, along with the seamless transitions between sections make me feel like a sophisticated playboy web surfer! My favorite section was the Finding Balance section...
Simeon's Card Trick
God. This trick is FREAKING me out almost as much as that David Blaine Hostage Negotiation special. Via Bored.
One-Legged Dancer
Of course he can do this kind of shit - look at his shirt for god's sake!
Camilla Falsini
These are some fun illustrations; the colors are great, too.
Ann Telnaes
Illustrative style with design saavy, and smart humor that makes every joke I ever did hate itself. Courtesy of Cashdollar

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