Falling within the Month of March, 2004

Definitely the hippest way to present the news I've ever seen. Sort by country or article type. Link stolen from the irrepressible Inman
Rhymezone Quizzes
Gotta stay sharp for when aliens come to earth and make the smartest of us breed!
Encyclopaedia of Typography and Electronic Communication
Although garnering typographical advice from a site with poor typography is a pretty bad idea, these are just definitions, after all. There's some awfully interesting tidbits of information here.
Sin for Sale
Clothing and more, in a well-designed shell. Great handling of type and texture, and great use of a minimal color palette. Thanks to Tom for the link.
Barcode Yourself
I searched high and low for the bar code that was me. Turns out I could have just gone here and figured it out, instead of stealing bar codes from turnips.
Global ID Card
ID Magazine had a contest to design an international ID card - and here's the winner...
Ye Ol English Sayings
The entymological roots of many of our sayings. It's inspired me to give all my houseguests bacon upon entry.
Clown Sweater
BEWARE! This will only serve to fuel your "Eaten by a Clown" recurring nightmares...
The Cat with Hands
By far, one of the creepiest things I've seen in a looooonnnnnngggg time. Excellently executed.

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