Falling within the Month of February, 2004

An extremely "user-centric" approach to navigation. The site wants to know what you want, and wants to get you there. A simple idea, but rarely seen.
Russian Avant-Garde Book
An all-encompassing presentation. Details the history of the Russian Avant-Garde, in three major periods, with well-displayed samples of work.
John Copeland
These journals are fantastic - I only wish I could see them up close. The main site also posts his illustrations.
Tim Tomkinson
I love this guys style - very fluid and organic, with excellent tonal range in his hatching. An excellent grasp of text, too.
Paper Airplanes
Plenty of airships to create. As long as you have your folding hands...
BlamBot - Comic Fonts
This is a great resource if you need an idea of how to handle text in comics.

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