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Six-Penny Anthems II

Six-Penny Anthems II

Sketches, Comics, Classics, Commentary, Puzzles, Mojo, and More!

Back in 2007, as I finished up Curriculum Vitae, I decided that whatever book I self-published next had to be colossal in scope. Something non-linear. The kind of thing a person might keep on their coffee table, and dip into every now and then, to help brace the spirit and rejuvenate the humors. After abandoning my initial foray, 101 Long Pork Recipes For Working Moms, I decided to take a different route, where I essentially just distilled this site into book form.

Now, four years and 208 pages later, I have finally finished my quest. And so, I humbly offer to you, the reading public, Six-Penny Anthems, Volume II.

Shot of Six-Penny Anthems book, laying open

Filled with content culled from 4 sketchbooks, the book is dense with sketches and comics, and peppered with the occasional old favorite that I wanted immortalized in print. Wherever possible, I've added commentary to help explain or amplify the material. Ever wondered why my trampoline has a hole in the middle? Why I sometimes refer to Mojo as "Wimbledon"? Or what rules of etiquette apply whilst looting? Now's your chance to find out!

But Kevin, how can I get this fine book?

Close-up of The Bather

As with all my other self-published books, Six-Penny Anthems II is produced on-demand by What's more, if you're the kind of person who likes wearing a book in your front pocket to stop bullets, it's available not just in paperback, but hardcover as well. But, that's not all! I have purchased, signed, and stamped 30 hardcover versions to sell as limited editions. One might even have Ernie hidden inside! You never know! He's rarely supervised!

Shot of limited edition Six-Penny Anthems

If you do decide to purchase a copy, be it paperback, hardcover, or the limited edition, please know that you have my extreme gratitude. As many of you are aware, this site is a labor of love. I have no ads, and take no donations. I've chosen to offset the cost of producing the site by selling books. Which means, that if you're gracious enough to trade money you've worked so hard to earn, for a book I've worked so hard to make, that's not just some meaningless financial transaction. That's you giving me, and this site, a future.

A "meals-come-in-pill-form" kind of future, mind you. Not a "robots-exterminate-humanity" kind of future. I know that is a concern for some.

Worth Noting...

I feel compelled to warn anyone who is only familiar with me through children's books, that this book is most certainly not appropriate for children. Actually, I'm not even sure it's appropriate for all adults. I'll put it this way... Mom... Dad... don't buy this book.

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While I greet this news with greatest affection, my previous autographed Kevin Cornell products have not appreciated in value as expected. Just last week, I decided to purchase a jet aircraft and presented a signed copy of ‘The Superest’ to the banker as payment, and was turned down. Strange? I felt so.

Also, can we be sure that this volume contains the latest up-to-the-minute humor regarding puns about weiner dogs and congressmen?


There are few congressmen jokes. But there are some lighthearted anecdotes about how I tricked some guy into buying a worthless copy of "The Sup--



So awesome!


I'm seriously so stoked to buy a copy of this. Awesome, awesome, awesome!


Looking forward to perusing. Thanks for sharing your work!

Cliener von Cleanskin

Aha! I offered up my first born (still in production) as payment but apparently it’s US dollars only.

Barry Jones

I am now waiting expectingly for my limited edition version. If it's even remotely as humorous as your website I feel I may have just mugged you.


I don't know which of those scenarios to root for!


Is it true that if we order Ernie, a copy of the book might be hidden inside?

Jonathan Wagener

im trying to sell my grandmother so i can buy your limited edition. it is taking longer than i thought.


Too cool! Cash flow issues notwithstanding, I will look into purchasing one or more of your amazing books in the near future ... I made a point to stop in Barnes and Noble to look at the Benjamin Button graphic novel and your work never ceases to inspire and intimidate me, simultaneously! (Yes, your work multitasks like that!)


Haha - well, it's amazing that my work multitasks... because I certainly can't! ;)


I enjoyed the part of the book, the 'Bird Watcher's Guide'. For the 'Bird Watcher's Guide' alone would be worth about $18.23 to me. I have put the book by the window to ease in identification. Thank you for this reference of knowledge.


Score! Glad you liked it, Brad!


If you want the artist's books to go up in value, you have to wait until the artist is dead. If you cannot wait long, you can ... uh, nevermind.

Don't drink anything offered to you by other people and go pick up a kevlar vest at the local Army/Navy.


regarding your psychoanalysis of Charles and Arthur, I am lead to the curious conundrum ... how have Punch and Judy lived so long?

Baron von Munchausen


Awesome cover. Would you be willing to sell it as a poster?


James - Well, obviously, Punch and Judy weren't puppets then. Just regular ol' creepy, shrunken, monsters.

Baron - Hmmm - no plans for it in the future... but... maybe now there will be :)

Glindon Marten

I got this book a week or two ago in the mail, and it has been a fantastic companion to me on my frequent trips to the pooper. When it comes to reading and pooping, there's THIS book AND there's Larry Gonick's Cartoon History of the Universe...that's it. Thank you! :)


Aww - Thanks Glindon! You made my day!

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