Monday, July 05, 2010

Mojo and the Cooper

Mojo and the Cooper

Reenacting Out

Not to slight Mojo, but I believe the reenactor might have the more intriguing storyline here. We get a private glimpse into the soul of a man tortured both for and by his love of the barrel-making art. Its seductive promise of everlasting admiration, so tangible in his apprenticeship, has lifted its mask and revealed the lie beneath. Where are the adoring young women of marriageable age, who long for a sturdy and well-fashioned container with which to keep their dry goods? Where are the city fathers, replete with gold and opportunity, wanting for a hero to store their precious, precious brine? Frustrated and abandoned, the cooper risks all by committing the unforgivable sin of breaking character in public, carelessly letting the past and the present collide. But what's the worst they can do? Throw him in the stocks? Fie! What fear does bodily captivity hold, when he's long been trapped in a dead-end career?

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The adoring young women of today are simply intimidated by a man in breeches. Add to the mix the erotic 'dance' of chine & bilge embracing staves and it's no wonder they keep their distance. Also, the curse of 'Cooper canker'.


'Cooper Canker' is totally under control nowadays. The guild has instituted mandatory testing of the humors.


The inspiration for this came from the phrase "barrel of monkeys," didn't it? I wonder what you could do with "Beat A Dead Horse" or "Wild and Woolly" or "Queer the pitch" OR! "Beat a queer, woolly horse to the wild pitch of the dead?"


So... a 18th century "tupperware party."

Nothing like a good barrel at a party.

I've myself spent a couple of days in a barrel before, mind you that was just for fun.


Testmonkey - This has the makings of a novel!

Smith - Did you go over Niagara Falls?


It's interesting that they could get the barrel round but hats ended up with 3 corners.


LOL. That poor man... if anyone deserves young women of a marriageable age, it is indeed him.


Ah, the elusive barrel-making dream! Many a mis-guided young man has fallen prey to its deceptive charms! On a side note, it's always a treat to see the word "fie" used in general conversation! Huzzah! :-D


Canary - Well, a hat without corners is like a boot without spurs. You can still wear it, yeah, but you'll have a much harder time poking someone in the eye.
Gerren - I agree. He put all that money into new wooden dentures, he should at least get some pity courting.
Phyllis - Oh yeah, Fie is on a big comeback. It's our relaxed restrictions on giant immigration.


The barrel man lost Mojo at frame 4. He needs to work on some interactivity.


I think his big mistake was when he bragged that making a barrel was so easy he could do it with his eyes closed.


You forget that the main reason young men are obsessed with barrels is they usually hold beer.
Any woman can look "adoring and in a marriageable age" after a couple of pints of it. (Or so I've heard)


"the main reason young men are obsessed with barrels is they usually hold beer"
--- meaning the barrels, not the young men. Although the latter still makes sense.


That would explain why mojo ends up in the barrel......trying to get some beer...


That would explain why I have to keep releasing him from our slug traps.



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