Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmasgram, Part III.

Christmasgram, Part III.

An Ambidextrous Comic

This is the third installment to the Christmasgram episode of Ambidextrous. Need a refresher? Start here!

A Thrilling Space Contest

Speaking of refreshers, I'll take this opportunity to remind you that lemonade can be a tasty and refreshing treat. And speaking of treats, let me treat you to a reminder that I'm still accepting submissions for the impromptu "Thrilling Space Adventure" contest from last post. Here's the incredibly well-thought out and official rules:

1. Draw a Thrilling Space Adventure using this as a guide. Don't feel like you have to use all of these characters or can't include objects or characters of your own creation. This isn't Com Arts or anything. It's not like I have standards.
2. Submit it by leaving me your weblog link or sending your submission (in jpg form) to .
3. I will post my favorite ones in the next post, as well as sending the top five a signed copy of The Superest book.
4. If you're the sort of person who says to himself and/or herself "Naw, I'm not going to do this. Thousands of other men and/or women have submitted. Kevin and/or Kevina is already overloaded with entries" I guarantee you're wrong. Only a dozen or so brave souls have shared their entry. And most of those were from my Mom. And I've disqualified the majority of her submissions, since they were just sort of subtly-crafted hints to get the rest of my crap out of my parent's basement:
Mom's Fourth Submission

Contest resuming in 3... 2... 1...

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Why not a valentine-gram?


Haha - well... he started during Christmas!


Hee, the last panel made me snort my chai!


Any food or drink discharged by one of my comics immediately becomes the property of Bearskinrug Inc. You can ship it to my PO box!


What our hero lacks in savoir faire, he makes up for in persistence.


Maybe it's that I'm a native spanish-speaker, but this leaves me more confused than entertained. =$


Well, I suppose this is a comic for an American audience, since the novelty of a spanish-language channel would be lost in a spanish-speaking country. I imagine the spanish is off too, since I don't speak it and had to settle for babelfish doing the translating. Sorry CFVergara. :/


I too am not a native english speaker, but man, I just love your comics! The ones that I get, obviously :)

Even when the meaning eludes me, I still enjoy your drawing though. Speaking of which, would it be ok if I used some of your characters for my messenger avatar, or this would require some ridiculous 6 figure royalties to be paid in advance?

I can ship some Romanian sheep to your PO box, how's that for royalties? --I don't know why, but this last sentence sounds funny in my mind :).



Oh, and sorry for the double post -- it always makes me feel like I'm stuttering --, I whish my drawing skills were a little north of the first grade stick figures, so I could submit to your contest...

Well, I guess we can't have it all, can we?


Although you are doing a lot better, you funny, witty, gifted and pipe smoking devil... :)


Hi tudorminator... don't worry about drawing stick figures. You can always write an anorexic-themed thrilling space adventure!

(But really, Mr. Kevin said not to feel embarrassed about joining so please draw..)


Oh the genius! Yes, the last frame sure is a semi-chewed-food-discharger as I found it particularly hilarious. And I have no idea what channel 72 is, but I bet it's entertaining as it might've inspired this great cartoon!


I, for one, think Romanian sheep would serve well as royalties, though I'm not sure what the US Postal Service would charge for shipping livestock ... and to a P.O. Box! (Oh my, would they all FIT??!) Can't you just picture Ernie gleefully herding Romanian sheep? :-D


Judging from what we've heard about Ernie so far, it's the "herd" of sheep that will herd him.

Drinking schnapps while on the job is a nasty habit.

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