Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lewis And The Vacuum...

Lewis And The Vacuum...

... or Mojo And The Plug

I can't really remember the last time I was in an emergency room. I vaguely recall a visit when I was at least old enough to fill out the forms myself. There's a couple memories I have that seem pretty recent, and make me think I was older, but to be honest I might be appropriating a couple of scenes from television and movies. That happens to me quite a bit. Like, I know I never met Fonzie, but I can easily remember him standing in the bathroom of my art school. Fonzie would have hated that bathroom. Nothing opened when you hit it.

Come to think of it, I can't even remember any emergency room visit. I've broken my arm twice, my thumb once (I fell down and broke it while wearing the cast from my broken arm), and my collarbone once. I've also broken a couple of toes... I think... it's hard to tell because my toes are so ugly anyway. So I know I went to the emergency room on all of those occasions, I just can't remember the actual waiting room.

This leads me to believe that I might have just sent the broken part to the emergency room and stayed at home. Which explains why emergency rooms get so backed-up, because it would take forever for a severed leg to fill out a form without any help.

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This obviously proves that Mojo knows at least something about etiquette. Otherwise he wouldn't have put the plug back in. Or can he see around corners? In which case that would be pretty evil. (And an extraordinary sockmonkey achievement. The SSRA (Special Sockmonkey Recruitment Agency) is going to knock on your door soon.)


Well, Mojo's not completely rude. He sends out thank you notes all the time. And apology letters.


Does he not understand that each socket has two outlets? He could have just plugged in to the top outlet. Not exactly the smartest sockmonkey in the city.


Well... Mojo does have trouble sharing. Even electricity.

The Colonel

Huh... I would've pegged Mojo as more of a malt liquor man. Er... sock.


Normally yes. But the mix was just lying around. It was a birthday gift from my parents. For Lew.

William Stewart

This is why you should never be considerate of others and plug things back in! They never cover the dark side of politeness in the etiquette books.

Russer Butter

I remember more than a few ER visits, though I don't remember any involving a vacuum stuck on my head, or my entire body. I did recently try to take the end of my finger off with electric shears, but luckily I didn't need to got to the ER for it. In retrospect though it might have been nice if Mojo had come along and unplugged my shears, just as I was about to cut off my finger, that way I wouldn't have this bandage on the end of my finger, and typing would be a lot easier.

Manuel Martensen

Where has the kitchen gone?


William - I, for one, will never hold a door open AGAIN. Or stop at red lights.

Russer - Anytime you're not injured by an Alpaca, you should be thankful, Russer. And anyway, we really have ONE finger and nine back-ups.

Manuel - There's only one outlet in the house. Sock Monkey's aren't necessarily the most discriminating house buyers.

Cliener von Cleanskin

Having turned up with a broken arm, I was very pleased to be classified as walking wounded although then I felt robbed at only getting a sling instead of a cast. I can't quite recall why being walking wounded was exciting, but I'll thank you for not destroying my childhood memories confused as they are.

To Mojo's credit, he did accompany Lewis to the hospital. Not just any sock monkey would do that.


Do you know that down here our electricity is twice as powerful as yours?

Mmmm. Banana cocktail.

Ruud Welten

I actually do remember quite a few emergency room visits. And most of them aren't that long ago.
However I've never been in one for my own personal injury. Somehow one of my friends gets hurt a lot ...


Cliener - That's a good point. Though he might have gone just to find a good-sized needle on which to skewer his maraschino cherries.

Anaglyph - Double the power? So Australian TV's would constantly look like they were on fast forward?

Ruud - Is it the friend who juggles Axes?

Rob Weychert

I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear me say I think you could lose the last two panels on this comic. :)


Haha - I probably could - but I just had to draw the walking vacuum/Lew. Plus I like the idea of Mojo taking a drink to the Hospital.


A visit to the ER can be a valuable experience. Just enduring the 9 hour wait in the lobby shaves years off your time in pergatory. Actually getting in to see someone proves you qualify for sainthood.

Voice Of Terror

For a while I thought the story was about one monkey with an attention span deficit who couldn't decide whether to clean or blend and as a result left his job as janitor at a hospital with a newly invented walking vacuum.

But then I noticed the scarf. And the bandaged people. But why wait if you're already bandaged? Hmmm? And excessive interior signage?

It's very late here. Too late for me. Save yourselves.

Pubic Reflux

In the last panel are there two more hapless sock monkeys on the horizon?


I for one have never been to the emergency room, having never broken any bones. But given that I don't drink milk and spend most of my time hiding from the sun, I might one day get to see the inside of an actual hospital! One can only hope.

It's cow pus anyways.

Obviously Lewis couldn't get his insurance to pay for this--or else the warranty has gone on the vacuum. Either way...they didn't do much to help him.


It's impossible for me just to send my limbs to the hospital, currently living in China, my limbs have not yet acquired a firm grasp on Mandarin other than 'hello' or 'kick up the arse'.

I am however well pleased that it ended up being Mojo plugging out the vacuum cleaner and leaving Lewis confused, than Lewis plugging out the blender and leaving Mojo confused. That could've been a shaky situation.


Well, actually, for bizarre and esoteric reasons that are best left to geeks to consider (oh yes, very well, I do know them. I never pretended to be normal) American TV actually runs ever so slightly faster than the same things on our TV.

But, whether you intended it or not, you actually put your finger right on why you guys have the NTSC system and we have PAL: the power cycles are directly responsible for the two different broadcast technologies.


WAKE UP! WAKE UP! It's interesting. Seriously!

And it is entirely true that if Mojo plugged his blender in down here, it would run faster. Briefly. Then it would explode.

Dame Semolina Puddington


There's no way a monkey with a banana could get passed Australian customs. But I guess Mojo could use the exploding blender trick to escape his ensuing incarceration.

BTW have you ever thought about changing your name to Bananaglyph?


Ba mph na... Famous last words. I might be using the term "famous" wrong here, but either way it's fantastic.

Awesome work Dr. Cornell.


It's definitely not last words. Sock monkeys can survive without oxygen indefinitely!

Leaf, probably...

This whole Mojo and Lewis partnership thing doesn't seem to be very advantageous to Lewis at all. Why has he stuck around so long?


I bet Lew is just glad that this time around Mojo brought a coctail instead of the axe.


>>'BTW have you ever thought about changing your name to Bananaglyph?'

Not until now, Dame Semolina. But I like it so much that I scribbled out my passport and wrote the new one in immediately.


Good call, Bananaglyph!

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