Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Peoplemals Influx

Peoplemals Influx

Letterpressed Peoplemals For Christmas!

There are people in this world who celebrate humanity. Who admire the human form, and take great pleasure in art that captures man in his basic daily life. Conversely, there are those who find nature's complexity and inexhaustible inventiveness to be an unmatched area of artistic study.

Then, there are those who would prefer a bastardized version of both.

If you feel you're one of those people, perhaps it's time to look into purchasing the set of four peoplemals now on sale at Gifted: Coudal Partner's Holiday Exclusives Swap Meat.

Comprising four 6"×9" Peoplemals — Ladger, Penghim, Manther, and Eagirl — each character in this set has been letterpressed into Classic Crest 130# Natural White stock, so even if you've recently lost your vision due to an accident at the laser pointer factory, you can still feel the art and find satisfaction. Ladger's fur is remarkably bumpy.

Peoplemals In Person

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, and are interested in seeing some of the original Peoplemals art in person, they're currently on display at Mugshots Coffeehouse & Cafe, located at 21st and Fairmount Ave, right across from Eastern State Penitentiary. Should you wish to score some free crudités, feel free to come to the opening on Thursday evening, the 13th, between 6:30 and 8:30, where I'll choose one of the original paintings to be ground up, and served as a one-night-only coffee blend.

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if anything could trick me into drinking that black poison, this might be it...


Not a coffee fan, eh?


"so even if you've recently lost your vision due to an accident at the laser pointer factory"

Have you been talking to my momma again? Sheesh, that woman has a huge mouth!


That's it. I'm putting the landlord's house up for sale and moving to Philadelphia. Not only a coffeehouse, but a coffeehouse with art. A breakthrough.


Testmonkey - Well, I wasn't talking to her, but she told someone else, and then THEY told me. Oh - sorry about your eyes, by the way.

Christian - Not only a coffeehouse with art — a coffeehouse, with art, across from a haunted prison. THAT'S entertainment!


KC - no, but people keep telling me "you'll grow into it, son"...you'd think they'd quit it after 24 years, but that caffeine lobby is reeeal persistent...

Mountain Gnome

I would certainly not like to meet any Peoplemals in a dark alley at night, especially the Manther. He looks like he might rip out my jugular.....
As a coffee fan, I'd would love to be at Mugshots on the 13th, the only thing stopping me is that I'm on the wrong continent! ;-(

Mike Fool

"Not only a coffeehouse with art ó a coffeehouse, with art, across from a haunted prison. THAT'S entertainment!"

BSR - That is a TV show waiting to happen if I've ever seen one and, I have! Or maybe it just sounds like a Scooby-Doo episode. Either way, agreed, entertainment.

Russer Butter

Kevin you disturb me greatly, not only have you perverted the nature of humanity, you have perverted the humanity of nature. As a scientist I believe that everything should be preseved in its natural state, in a pickle jar.
Though I think what disturbs me most is the way the Manther is holding the tail, which has obviously been severed, and am I wrong in my thoughts about where is right arm is exiting from the panther?


Bah! The panther looks okay with things. Now Galpaca... you're NOT going to be happy with THAT one!

Manuel Martensen

Penghim is top, the others i donít like so much.

Thank you for the Penghim moment!

Manuel Martensen

Darn, mine was not funny at all.

Charles G.

Hmm... I'm in the Philadelphia area... but I'm afraid of prisons. What do I do?!

glindon marten

I would have a hard time choosing between "Peoplemals" and "Anipeople" you must have flipped a coin, or a penguin. I love these.


Wow. Very cool, Kevin. Once again, you make me want to forsake the life of a web development to become an illustrator. :D

Russer Butter

Have you asked the panther? Have you?
Have at the noble alpaca, do your best.
You cannot defile the king of beast, oh wait that's the lion, or Liman?


Well, I might just have to plan a trip to the U.S. so as to see a coffeehouse, with coffee and art and culture and a haunted prison on across the road and people trying to make a t.v. show of it and other people just sitting there, drinking coffee and looking at art! WOW!! That's the holiday of a lifetime!

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