Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Mojician

The Mojician

Part of the Party

I've been thinking about setting up some kind of side business where Mojo will appear at birthday parties. Not to do card tricks, obviously, but perhaps he can create balloon animals, or people can just get their picture taken with him. Or better yet, he can lead children around on a pony for ten bucks a pop. It's an especially profitable proposition since Mojo's cut of the profits would probably just be cake.

Oooh! He can arrive at the party by parachute! The pony too!

Black Magic

This morning I awoke to discover someone had performed some dark, satanic magic and procured my ftp information, and then proceeded to append every, single html file with hidden links to discount prescription drugs and bestiality sites. I'm just estimating here, but I probably have upwards of five or six thousand html files across three accounts all of which were affected. Live files, password protected files, old or hidden projects, client presentation pages. Yup. All of them are blasting the infernal invisible message, all to slightly raise the google ranking of some slimy spam site.

Luckily, about seven-eighths of those files are created by a CMS, so rebuilding them without the inserted spam code didn't take too long. However, I now have to go into the other eighth of html files, and manually edit or replace the files with my local copies.

S'gonna be a great day.

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I tried appearing at birthday parties for a while there, but people generally just screamed or called the authorities. Or beat me up (frat birthday parties).

Prior arrangement. That's the key.


Perhaps. Or perhaps you should have shown up in something other than your Birthday Suit.


True. It sure made performing card tricks more difficult. Maybe that's what got them mad.


Discount bestiality drug parties are the best! And what would a proper discount bestiality durg party be without Mojo, really?

Sorry to hear about your servers, but the links to said bestiality sites is really how I got here in the first place.

Long live the sheep!


Nothing witty here I'm afraid. But with regard to this spam nonsense you may want to take a look at it looks like Dave Shea's had the same problem?

Garrett Dimon

You might want to chat with Dave Shea about those spam problems. He's apparently been faced with the same issues recently as well. It's probably worth seeing if there are any similarities if it turns out to be a widespread thing.


Testmonkey - Haha - well, I guess I should be more specific - I don't want links to OTHER PEOPLE'S bestiality sites in my pages. I've got quotas to fill!

GMS / Garrett - Thanks gents! At least now I don't feel so alone in my violation :D


ummm, That Sucks!

I think you should get mojo to do some black magic of his own and get into thier ftp, and do something similar to them...

OR maybe you should think about taking the same aproach as this girl I once saw in getting revenge against this crazy karate guy named Bill!

You might have to go to a distant land and undergo some pretty strenuouse training, and find some retired sword maker to make you a honzu delux, but after that it should all be a piece of cake!


Has nobody else figured out yet that mojo switched the guys card?!? I would like to think that he gave him a 3 of diamonds, decided he wanted it back, and switch! Mojo maintains the complete collection of his 55 cards.

he would keep the jokers...

and the instruction card.

However, he no longer has any cards after the poof... Exploding cards! Brilliant!


You could also strategically fly the pony and mojo over the house of the up the evil ftp-er and spread "the love"

Everyone likes presents!


Shane - Hey! I have a yellow jumpsuit, too!

Mork - Good point, Mork! Sometimes I underestimate good ol' Mojo...

Dave - Oh man... Mojo on a Pony... is there anything MORE deadly?

Actually... there probably is a lot of things more deadly.

The Colonel

And to think, all this time I thought you were a fan of drugged-up sex beasts, regardless of where it came from.

Don't you know that all smacked out creatures are created equal?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Hercules Papatheodorou

Look like all of us under Dreamhost are quite doooomed.
So, I heard Mojo had beans for lunch...
I do wonder how you did that neat retor glow effect on frame #3, any plugins you can name? ;)


This is probably my favorite Mojo comic to date. Two things to note:

1. Why is the 3rd frame missing its border?

2. Why the heck not pursue the 3rd frame further by choosing a warmer color for that frame only. Mojo is super excited in this frame because he has it, he has it!

3. Ok there's a 3rd thing. Adding to what I mentioned in 2, the visual impact of a warm color might have been too distracting so you chose not to put a border around it instead. Well played, well played good sir.

In any case, Mojo with a top-hat is always welcome in my home.


I have been performing at birthday parties as a balloon artist for 18+ years. Kids love it.

I would nix the pony idea. Part of the job is cleanup. Although ponies ae SMALL horses, they make horse-sized ummmmm messes.


Colonel - My secret shaming secret about my secret shame!

Hercules - Haha - no plugins for that effect - just plain ol' drawing :D

Jasonibaloni - Well, third frame is designed to be different and highlight Mojo's success ( just like you said) - it probably could stand to have more oomph - but I was restricted from adding a highlight color because I was sticking to a certain color palette for... ahem... the next Mojo book.

Hayley - Haha - awesome - what kind of animals can you make?


You seem to be running a fairly high tech operation here, so I'm assuming you have Dreamweaver...

If you go to "site" and then "change links sitewide" you can get the machine to find every link with that address and remove it.

It takes a while for the computer to execute that command (it requires opening every page it changes and saving it again), so I suggest you do some sketching during the wait. that is what I do anyway...


BTW I like the cartoon too...


Well, I don't actually use Dreamweaver - I do all the coding in BBedit, and I upload with Transmit. But that would be a helpful trick... I wonder if I can do it through Transmit?

Luckily, just rebuilding the CMS took care of the bulk of the pages. Maybe I'll do EVERYTHING through a CMS from now on!


Mojo on a Pony... is there anything MORE deadly?

Well, apparently yes - Mojo withe an FTP client. Wow that really bites the big one. Looks like it's an issue with Dreamhost :(


Yeah - Dreamhost has been good to me, and I love them - but I have to admit this shakes my faith a little...


LOL, don't say that... I just switched to Dreamhost.


It's not just a few people who got nailed by this. At least 3500 passwords of Dreamhost's accounts were leaked.

"Our records indicate that only roughly 20% of the accounts accessed - less than 0.15% of the total accounts that we host - actually had any changes made to them. Most accounts were untouched."


Gerren - Haha - well, like I said, I've been happy with them, and I trust that they're doing what they can. I won't be bailing anytime soon.

Iolite - Yup. It's a bit of a mess.


This both comforts and worries me at the same time.


I can make over 30 different creations, but the kids seem to really lean towards the teddy bear or the sword.


Mojo is possibly the Last of the Mojicians.


Hayley - Sword? Doesn't it pop when you sharpen it?

Anaglyph - Last and the GREATEST!


what about using sftp instead? I mean after changing your passwords etc, you'd probably be a bit more secure as everything is encrypted.
Annoyingly, this does make everything slower too...


Good suggestion — I actually did switch to sftp after all the rigamarole. Hopefully I'll be better off :D


I love this one. If you end up making with a nice print of this I would love to buy a copy for my study (to sit next to my mojovational posters I have).

Sucks about the dreamhost thing. You have our collective sympathy!


Well, this one will be in the next Mojo book... so you COULD theoretically hang it up on a wall!


Excellent! Stapler and stickytape at the ready! Rental bond be damned!


This entire string of comments made my head cave in slightly at my inadequacy in the world of "WEB THINGS".

All but the balloon animal talk. I got that much. I want a balloon penguin, please.


Hey... now that you mention it... me too!


Am I the only one who saw "The Mojician" and thought it was going to be Mojo sporting a mohican hair-do?

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