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Banana Creek Saloon Dust-Up

Banana Creek Saloon Dust-Up

Related Reckonings on Poker and Gambling

I cannot overemphasize the importance of caution at the poker table. Even in these modern times, when gamblers are forced to leave their shooting irons safely at home so the entire family has access, a multitude of threats still linger during card play. A well-used deck of playing cards can transmit bacteria and other germs from player to player, eventually leading to sickness and reduced mobility. A standard set of poker chips could easily fall off the table, into a shoe, and provide minor discomfort when walking or during long periods of standing. Delicious snack foods consumed at the poker table may contain partially hydrogenated fats which over 30-40 years can increase your risk of heart attack and reduced mobility.

My recommendation would be to avoid poker altogether. If you have a gambling addiction, and can't avoid games of chance, I'd suggest sticking to Roulette or other games that don't require you to touch anything or anyone. Combat the urge to snack on trans-fatty foods by increasing your alcohol consumption. Most importantly, have fun — concentrate on winning money when you gamble, which should make it a more pleasurable experience.

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I'm kind of shocked that the cowboy even had his guns left. I'd think that Mojo would have sneakily replaced them with trout or something. But I guess that Wild West Mojo hadn't yet learned all of the tricks that Modern Mojo utilizes...

Steve Lindstrom

I always figured Mojo to be a War kinda guy...nothin' like a good 9 hour game of War...


Jrmy - I don't think they had trout in the old west. All the fish were Varmint Fish. Or The Polecat Eel.

Steve - Actually, he's more of a 52 pickup kind of player.


I'm curious about what happened to Chet's toadie. I'd like to think that Lewis gleaked on him, silently incompasitating him with a nasty case of mono.


My guess is Lew knocked him out with the butt of the shotgun. But he might have also been quickly recruited by a posse between frames 4 and 5.

Ah, the beauty of comic storytelling...


It's so good to see Mojo and Lewis together again at long last!

Why is it that the extra cool cats from the wil' West always got them nifty lil' Bowler hats? See a Bowler hat and know there's a feller packing a hidden double-barrel --it's just common sense.


I'm just imagining the first "ehh" that Mojo said was in a slick southern drawl. Sort of a "read 'em and weep, boys..." type of thing.

And I really like Lew's hat. Very lawman-like :D


Actually, now that I think about it, Mojo's hat is a wee bit funny. Did they have Curious George in the Old West? Perhaps Mojo stole the Man in the Yellow Hat's hat... now that would be a heist story for the ages...


Not to mention the stress invovled in ahving a losing hand, can you imagine the heart burn and ulcers???

Captain Purple

Or perhaps Mojo WON the Man in the Yellow Hat's hat earlier in the poker match!?!


have you been watching Tombstone kevin? Where's Lew's gigantic Wyatt-stash?


Testmonkey - I think it's because it's such a wiener-looking hat... you know to wear something so goofy means you have the moxie to back it up. It's like today, when men wear garters.

MattLat - Haha - yeah, I can see that!

Jrmy - Mojo's hat, as I see it, is actually a sombrero. He has definite concerns about premature aging caused by sun-damage.

Shane - Totally. That's why I purposely never win at poker, because it will only make losing feel that much worse.

Captain - I doubt Mojo would want a yellow hat. He'd be sensitive about the comparisons to a giant banana.

Sutter - That kind of stash could never be supported by mere thread. It would tear right off a sock monkey's face.


Don't forget the dangers of shirt sleeve garters. About 26 miles northwest of Tucson is a home for old gamblers who have lost their arms due to restricted circulation brought about by shirt sleeve garters (aka - The H.F.O.G.W.H.L.T.A.D.T.R.C.B.A.B.S.S.G.)


wait, are you slyly insinuating that I shouldn't be wearing garters to the office? Over my pants?! On Tuesdays?!?!

You, sir, have rocked my world.


Nonsense. I'm saying you CAN... if you can back it up with your fists.


Any day you can back up wearing garters with your fists, is a good day in my books.

Terry Tolleson

Roulette is fine and all, until the Russians get involved – then, it just gets messy.

I really like how the back of Mojo's chair sets up the curved corner of the box. Nice touch.

On Topic: Lew’s bluffing.


You may be right! Lew is a rather peace-loving monkey...

Though with a powerful gun in his hands, perhaps he changes into the deadly kill-bot we all know Mojo to be.


I too am interested in what happened to Chet's redneck buddy. Am I to assume that he had a sudden heart attack as a result of eating too many fatty foods, or does Lew has him bound and gagged with a banana on the train tracks? Also, is there to be a main street show-down at high noon? An epic bar fight? Is mojo wearing a sombrero?



I don't see Lew being very good with knots... sock monkeys really only have cloth stumps instead of fingers. Just enough of a digit to pull a trigger. And fan out a hand of cards.


boo hoo, i'm confused again - i love your strips but is he calling the bloke bananas or correcting him that he should be asking for his bananas to be left alone - or does that particular monkey say bananas whatever the situation is and the meaning is got from his inflection?


Got it right on your last chance, Binky :D! Lew is more eloquent than Mojo, and can express himself with actual words. Although, he only has one word. But it's one more than Mojo has.

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