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Mojo’s Big Catch

Mojo’s Big Catch

The Universality of Fishing

I've only fished a handful of times in my life, most of those experiences taking place in my pre-adolescent years. In these early fishing trips, I rarely used live bait — instead, I relied on expensive synthetic scents, and the use of loud, obnoxiously-colored lures to grab attention.

As I entered my teenage years, the desire to catch fish was replaced by the desire to catch girls, girls being (theoretically) warmer to the touch, and able to walk on land. Though my goals were quite different, I was still able to apply a lot of those same fishing principles in my quest to meet a young lady; bathing myself in about 50 gallons of Drakkar Noir, and providing loud, obnoxiously-colored commentary to grab attention.

In both cases nothing ended up being mounted.

(Hey — looks like I can still churn out that commentary!)

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Jason Santa Maria

My favorite part of this might be finding out what Mojo's snoring sounds like.


I once tried to catch myself a girl using a good fishing rod, some live bait and generous hook.
Those overnight cells in police stations are smaller than they look on TV eh!


Stan - He's as eloquent asleep as he is awake...

Owen - Especially when you've got a big, burly cellmate.


Maybe you would've had more luck by mounting a bottle of Drakkar Noir over your fireplace. Oh well, live and learn.


No... then my fireplace would just get all the hot action. And it already gets a lot of hot action.

s. zeilenga

The first panel of this strip I saw when I opened the page this morning was #7 and for a moment I thought Mojo had mounted a mustache on his wall.



I love the accessories: first with the fishing hat, then with the sleeping cap. I expect next he'll have a spankin' new set of fish skin gloves, no? You know, Mojo being an opportunist and all.

Terry Tolleson

That big, dumb fish done ruined a perfectly good worm mount.


you had better warn Mojo about big cats coming to eat that big fish. and then an even bigger dogs coming for the big cats.

The Colonel

I knew it! Fishing's for chumps!

*takes off fishing cap and hip waders*

Now I'll just have to drink beer and do nothing at home.


So, if you settle on the bait and go to sleep you wind up with the fish? HA! If life only worked this way.


S. Zeilenga - That's a perfectly legimate place for a mustache. And an excellent premise for any comic by Matt Sutter.

Testmonkey - By the looks of it, he might just opt for a fish-skin sleeping bag.

Terry - It even formed a tiny M. Which could stand for Mojo. Or an upside-down W. To stand for Worm. Or Wimbledon, Mojo's other name.

Andrew - Oh no! What eats dog!!? For Mojo's sake, I hope it's Beef Wellington.

Colonel - You're going to need those waders again when the beer cans start piling up in the living room.

Monkeyinabox - Wait... how have you been doing it?


it is my understanding that Vietnamese eat dog.


And the still-palpitating heart of a Cobra! I'm not joking, either....


As usual Kevin, great cartoon. You should consider writing for a paper, or

Captain Purple

One word- dynamite. Who needs all those exspensive lures, bait and tackle when all you need to do is properly apply 1 stick of dynamite? You'll most likely need a net and a fast car, too.

Say... dynamite would probably work for fishing, too!


John - Haha - thanks :D

Captain - I can't even answer that. I'm too busy laughing :D


eh (heheh "eh") gads! That's one ambitious fish.


Hummm, seems as though Mr. Mojo is missing a cablenet sweater, pipe and mustache. ;)

His Royal Majesty

I have, for some time now, been observing the langugage of Mr. Mojo's tail. It is absolutely fascinating. The pure emotional road to Mr. Mojo's inner self. Compare the first and the last panel speaks for them selves.


I'm glad someone's noticing!

I mean... Mojo is glad... since these are real episodes from his life.


Michael Clark

May I suggest saving your images in 32 colour PNG-8 format to halve the file size without loosing any visible quality (no JPG artifacts!).

Thank you for your work on A List Apart; your graphics make the articles stand out (even more than they do already) and are really appreciated.


Hmmm - I suppose that's something to consider; although that means I'd have to re-export my entire backlog of images... about three years worth... whoa...

Thanks for the compliments!

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