Monday, December 11, 2006

Mojo’s Goodwill

Mojo’s Goodwill

Little Monkey with a Big Heart and Little Brain

I'd love to know just what charity Mojo is collecting for. I remember him raising $65 dollars this summer for an in-ground pool, so it may be a continuation of that cause. Though I have a suspicion he finished it — at least according to his standards. There's a 3x3 mudhole in the backyard filled with $65 worth of inflatable pool noodles.

Who here likes desktops?

I know I do. And if you do as well, it might interest you to know I put together a pair of desktops based on this comic. So if you download them now, that should give you enough time to slap 'em on your computer and remind yourself what these next few weeks are all about: staring at your computer to look like you're busy until the New Year starts.

Mojo's Goodwill Samples

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Jesse Clark

I like desktops! Thanks!


Huzzah! Enjoy :D

John Nick

WOW! Yes yes, I ~love~ the new desktops! Just GORGE! Simply MAGNIFF!!!

Christmas came early this year (sniff, cry).


B - e - a - cluttered desktop thanks you...!

Hugh G.

At least Mojo had the courtesy to shoot Santa in the back so he'd never know what hit him.

I love the way you did the buildings in the background. Very nice.


woohoo.. love desktops... yay yay

The Colonel

I dread to think of what may happen should our good friend Mojo wander into a shopping mall...


Boy, I guess Chatty McStu there got off easy. I would've figured it would be he that was the recipient of a projectile to the back.

Though Santa has had it coming for years.


It's not so easy to find 1680 x 1050 wallpapers, but now I have a handsome and stylish one to adorn my macbook pro with while I go to class and compute with my computer science technology device.

Thank you, Kevin Cornell, my life is now 110% better. Before my life was in black and white, and I had a hard time doing simple tasks such as laundry, or using a blender. With your new desktop background, now I can accomplish such tasks with ease!


John Nick - And remember, Easter is just around the corner. So you know... start hard-boiling eggs.

Michael - I like your desktop... so polite...

Hugh G. - Thanks! I was pretty happy with how they turned out :D

Colonel - I'm sure he'd be too distracted by the "Things Remembered" Kiosk to cause any real havoc. He's got about 50 ID bracelets.

Testmonkey - Mojo can't just go around shooting the people who give him advice. They're the only chance he has to ever get hold of "good ideas".

MattLat - I'm glad I could help so drastically! I was just shooting for a 50, maybe 60% improvement.


I like the way the dollar signs float out of the pots. Like steam. Or fumes. Like being able to tell how rank a pile of rubbish is by the number of flies swarming around it.

Except for Santa's pot in the last frame. Hmmm......


Hooray for the vignette. No more bar fighting Mojo.

What's with the shmutz all over my screen now? Is it supposed to be snow melting on my monitor?

Nice detail.

chris chua

Awesome comic. Makes me wanna start my own!


This is good. I needed some Mojo on my desktop. Ding ding ding is better than ho ho ho. Maybe not Ho ho's, those things are dang tasty.


Love the backgrounds, Kev; I am so going to replace my boring XP one with Mojo in the snow!

I like what you did with the backdrop in the comic (and the backgrounds), too; is that something stock, or created--as I expect--by yourself?


Great desktop for work... takes the pain away.

Although I thought for sure when Mojo clanged his bell against the recycle bin it would make more of "dong dong" sound..

Terry Tolleson

I really dig the cityscape in the background and the desktops are choice.

What we don't see is Mojo realizing that there are more than one of these cash-laden Santas around town. The carnage. The horrible, bell-silencing carnage…


i heart my new wallpapers! :)


Mojo is simply demonstrating the true spirit of the season: ruthless commercialism.

(His choice of Robin Hood is also fetchingly poetic, considering Santa's former riches and Mojo's former poverty.)

All together now:

"Don we now our gay apparel,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la..."


This marks the first time ever that I've altered my default desktop at work. Now i kind of feel bad that I didn't get you anything......


Eli - Yeah... thank god real money doesn't do that. Well, a million-dollar bill does that. But it's not the money that's doing it, it's the holographic microchips.

Popo - Yea.... yeah... it's snow *gulp*

Chris Chua - Go right ahead! Unless you mean start your own Mojo comic... a bidding war for Mojo's rights would go STRAIGHT to his head...

Monkeyinabox - I haven't had a Ho ho in years. Of course, before I had one, I'd have a Twinkie - that was my favorite store-bought snackcake. Twinkies, Cool-Ranch Doritos and Grape-Soda - that was how you fucking partied on my block!

Ronaldb - Nope - I created all of it from scratch. Though that background seems oddly familiar to me; I'm sure people have drawn similar backgrounds elsewhere.

Roowala - That's only doorbells ;)

Terry - Oh god! What have I unleashed!?

Apey-D - Hoozah!

Anaglyph - Wow - that's actually a pretty unique insight! Almost makes this comic seem thought out!

That's a good word for Mojo... Ruthless.

BigA - You can give me one of your genetically-altered monster apples.


where are the 1600 x 1024s of yesteryear?


I got a new computer, and they magically turned into 1680 x 1050 ;)


Why is it that I can relate so much with Mojo?

It won't be long until I start expressing myself with "Eh" all the time.

Anyway thanks for the eh ehhhh eh!

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