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A Safe Return

I've arrived back home without any puck-, moose-, or mountie-related injuries — and what's more, I've brought a comic with me! Not to say the whole point of the trip was to get one comic. That would be an expensive comic. And for that kind of money, it better be about Pirates.

Anywhoo... this particular comic is interesting because it's pretty much a dialogue that actually occurred between Mr. Rob Weychert and I — Rob being the one lamenting the lack of an umbrella. Credit for the final punch-line however, goes to Mr. Matthew Sutter, which should bring some insight into how he treats his servant staff. Not that he has any. But if he did, he'd treat them like that.

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That perspective on the rain in panel six is lovely. I bet you thought that when you did it, right?


I wonder where the guy on the left keeps his umbrella... First frame: nothing! Second frame: poof, umbrella!


Robert - Actually, I was thinking "I can totally see down this guy's shirt".

Ronaldb - Maybe it was really tiny, and it expands when you add water. And... um... that's what he's doing in panel 1. *whew* Good save, Kev.


Love the coloured umbrella. Adds flavour to the comic.


What's to say these fellas aren't pirates? Sure, they're a tad pale and seem to be devoid of any of the obligatory eye apparatus or handkerchief apparel , but all the same they could be pirates.

...or hospital administrators. Hard to say...


Yay, pirates. Lets have a pirates comic. More water, less umbrellas, more slavery, and some gratiutous swordplay.

Not that I didn't like this one, but you know us humans... we always want MORE


Satanic logic. Gotta love it.

DD wishmore

I love this! I shall remember this logic and apply it the next chance I get. And is that our speck of dust friend taking refuge under the umbrella in Panel #9?

Rob Weychert

Sure, enjoy the funny comic, everyone. After all, there's a 7% chance that I'll survive this particular case of pneumonia.

Captain Purple

The tyranny of the umbrella. I've always held that you shouldn't trust someone with an umbrella. I also have a difficult time trusting shoe store clerks, women with deep voices, fruit names that begin with the letter 'P' and eletricity. Why is everyone staring at me again?

John Nick

Granted, this is a lovely and uproarious comic, but the mention of a pirate comic makes me want a MOUNTIE comic!

A big strapping Mountie! With an enormous mustache! And GLASSES!

Not that I'd be into that, or anything.

BTW, the mustache should be #AA0000, because, well that's what they always are, right? You saw them, Kev. Am I right?

Russer Butters

What I don't understand, is why if the guy on the right could produce one umbrella out of thin air as it begins to rain, why can't he produce another for his friend, or for himself after selflessly helping his friend in need? I say we need more Magician comics. Though Mountie comics also sound amusing.

The Colonel

Sure, umbrellas are great... but surely Pirates would have been even MORE awesome.

Beyond that, I'd like to see some Magical Mountie Monkey Pirates. How has that NOT been done?! Me thinks they'd be QUITE the crowd pleasers.

Oh, and how did the Goggles work out for ye?


This is so a conversation I had with my sister when I was about 10....and then again at 30.


Captain - Well... your zipper IS down.

John Nick - Oh dear. You've started seeing the world in hex codes.... it might be time for a sabbatical. Or at least some hermiting.

Russer - Well... he doesn't want a friend, Russ. He wants a SLAVE.

Colonel - Not too great. They're excellent bug protection, but do a poor job protecting the eye from rocket sled exhaust.

BigA - Once when you needed the umbrella, and then again when she needed it.


hahaha... i totally saw that one coming, and it STILL made me laugh out loud :)


i'll just say what you're all thinking:

he probably keeps the umbrella up his bum.


This is the kind of stuff I do to my friends, take pure advantage of them. o_O

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