Monday, August 28, 2006

Mojo's Last Deposit

Mojo's Last Deposit

Things aren't as bad as they seem

Honestly, Mojo doesn't have very much money in his ATM account. Anything of actual value he puts in his safe-deposit box. That's where he keeps his crown. Not a real crown, mind you — it's a Burger King crown — with $117,000 worth of precious gems hot-glued to it.

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Ah, the usability of ATMs.

Hey, can you tell Mojo not to use hot glue with his crown? If he ever needs to move one of those jewels, he is likely to cause irreparable damage to the paper.

I'd hate to see that happen.


I'm loving that magnifying glass. Could it possibly be positioned near Mojo's ear? I'd be curious to see what he's got going on in there.


Joe - That's good advice! They don't even really make 'em the same anymore... now it's some cheap bronze paper, instead of a rich gold...

BigA - I'd imagine not too much. After all, Sock Monkey's don't have earholes...

Hercules Papatheodorou

What, wait then how do they eat their lunch without earholes?
And is the ATM laughing at Mojo's mistake or is it just me?

Terry Tolleson

That's some seriously poor ATM design... but, ya - it's totally laughing at Mojo.

I agree with BigA - the magnifying glass is FTW!

Mr. T

The real question is how long do you think he will wait there before he tears the machine apart? Also is Mojo honest enough just to take out the $20 he planned on withdrawing, or will he use the rest of the money to buy a new yacht?


I'm glad to see that, due to our legal actions, Fred the speck of dust has again joined Mojo in his capers (in pane 5 and 6), as well as felt holistically Zen enough to bring along his wife, Alice.

Ah, Alice - she's a looker!


Hercules P. - Haha - it DOES look like he's laughing... All ATM's are naturally happy. Since they're so full of money, they can buy all the happiness they want.

Terry - Yeah - the magnifying glass could be useful in the future. Now I can read all of Mojo's letters.

Mojo's Latest Correspondence

Mr. T - Yeah - the loss of the houseboat was devastating... most of his income came from salvaging sunken barges.

Testmonkey - I gotta say - I'm glad they're back. I was quite worried about losing the speck demographic...


Was Mojo's arch nemesis hiding in that fake ATM to steal his precious bank card? I saw a Dateline NBC on that once.


You might be right. But he has so many arch-nemeses, how could you narrow it down?

First, I suppose you'd eliminate nemeses who couldn't fit in the ATM...

So that excludes our downstairs furnace....


Good to knwo Kevin. I've never been able to get close enough to Murray to find out.


so why didn't the machine dispense trash from Mojo's trash account?


I think if Mojo can carry a shark, he shouldn't have too much difficulty with the ATM machine.


Sorry to make this all about me (again) but an ATM ate my card a couple of weeks ago. For no reason. I stood there in shock for a few minutes until other people started using it and it didn't eat theirs. I had to get a new card. I guess it was hungry.

The reason I'm relating this is because you've now made me wonder if it was my mistake in some way. Did I accidentally try to make a trash withdrawl? I guess it might not be the ATM's fault, so, that I had to eat that out-of-date yogurt off my desk for lunch that day.


OMG I just saw this??



This is NOT a good time to lose an ATM card.


Sutter - Look! Sutter logic doesn't work in the Mojo Universe!

Pierce - Of course it was the ATM's fault! I suggest you go back and ram it a couple of times with your car. And anything that falls out, we'll split. K?

Anaglyph - I don't know... I could see Mojo being pretty excited about being part of a dress... it's kind of like getting in someone's pants...

Jared - There's never really a GOOD time... unless your ATM card is a werewolf, and it's nigh on the full moon...

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