Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Farewell, Mojoburger

Farewell, Mojoburger

Well... He had a good run.

Mojoburger is not necessarily finished. Now Mojo can use the insurance money to build a bigger, BETTER restaurant. One completely made of asbestos, so it can't possibly be burnt down by the Lil' Mojo Meal toy. Or the Quarter Mojopounder with Kerosene.

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yay, first again at last! :D


...can I have a side of affirmation with that...please?


Haha - that's pretty funny. I was just thinking 'This is a pretty early post. I wonder if Anders will be the first commentor'.

You win... a burnt-down Mojoburger franchise!

Rob Wilmshurst

MojoBurger is dead. Long Live MojoBurger!


The best toy I ever got in a Happy Meal was a two-inch, sharp chicken bone in my Chicken McNugget.

It was kind of relieving, in retrospect. I mean, it suggests actual chicken.

I could have commented here first but it's like being the first to speak in a classroom. Intimidating. Will what I say be funny enough, etc?

Some of us live in different timezones.


This reminds me of the time my brother built a mini flame thrower out of an earosol can, a piece of wire and a lump of firelighter, after watching an episode of macgyver. He set our backyard on fire but managed to save the house. Has mojo ever built or operated a flame thrower?


Rob - Hoorah!

Pierce - Haha - that is pretty reassuring about Chicken McNuggets. Bones bring much-needed calcium.

Simon - Not to my knowledge; but I'm not a member of his Fish & Gun Club, so...


Simon - I think that bone was just a PR-trick ;)

The Colonel

I suppose it could've been worse... he could have been handing out Napalm Patch Kids instead.


At Mojo Burger, do they serve the breakfast menu all day? Or just till 11:00 am?

Everyone knows the breakfast menu is MUCH better than the regular menu.


Mmm.. never had a breakfast menu... maybe I'll try it out sometime. (probably not, but I don't tend to memorize my decisions that long so maybe I think differently tomorrow)

Great stuff, Kevin, although I was hoping on a longer post with an explanation about "something" like the "one square in brain thingie" you once made.

Your Brother

I can't believe MOJO would that irresonsible. Since our father was a former firefighter I think you should Mojo down with Dad so he can train him on fire safety.

Your Brother

Damn it look at my grammatical errors!!!!!!!!!

John Nick

Actually, I thought of BearSkinRug yesterday while reading the comments on postings in LifeHacker and Gizmodo -- and the truth is, no one on Earth can spell worth a darn except Kevin's fans! Hooray for US!


Were interlectuals.


Is it safe to say that Mojo Burger is like a phoenix?


Rebuild Mojoburger? Blaspheme! Mojo should invest the insurance money and wait until it builds up enough so that he can open the first ever "Eh Burger"!!

I'll take a 5-piece EhNugget, please. Oh, and can I have an EhBurger with cheese, as well? Heheheheheh ... oops, I mean ... eheheheheheheheh ...


HAHAHA. I love the "Eh Burger"!


the curl-eeh fries are enough to bring out the primate in anyone

Lil' Black Loner

Greggie, very funny and i know well the feeling when burgers do not live up to its hype.
When i was 12 i was blind-folded and taken to a restaurant i was sat down, and force-fed what i initially thought was a "garbage burger," however after lifting the blindfold i found out the burger's formal name was the whopper.


Mojoriginations - Was Mojo raised by a family of semi-feral Canadians? eh?


Maybe... but "Eh" doesn't sound canadian... It sounds like this.


The flame on the Mojoburger sign looks like a crying skull of fire. You may have to squint a lot.


Somedays I sound like that... but I don't think it's as cute when I do it. Tends to disappear after morning coffee.

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