Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mojo's Thanksgiving

Mojo's Thanksgiving


I'm a couple days early, but I figured I'd put up my Thanksgiving Post. After all, I'm thankful for a bunch of things right now. For one thing, I have YET to be electrocuted, or hit by lightning. How many people can say that? I'm thankful that I've never had my pants split in front of a crowd, and I've never thrown up on the train. Never had a REALLY bad slice of pizza. And lastly, I'm thankful that there's no poisonous snakes in the temperate regions of North America.

How about yourselves? Anything in particular you're thankful for?

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I'm thankful for fall colors, a great wife and a gigantic futon bed covering my floor.
And art.

And ability.

The list goes on and on...


I'm thankful that they brought back He-Man cartoons. You know, in that new reanimated series. The one on Cartoon Netw-- What? What do you mean? They cancelled it already?! But... But...

Man. This is the worst Thanksgiving ever. Huh? They cancelled it years ago?


Hugh G.

I'm thankful I've never woken up dressed like Little Bo Peep.

But most of all I'm thankful for my new baby.

Biggest Apple

I'm thankful to Lulu for dispatching my copy of Mojo - The Story Of Eh I'm thankful that both my children are healthy. I'm thankful for PG Wodehouse. I'm thankful for occassional moments of clarity, and passing moments of complete calm.


I'm thankful that I've never been attacked by the masked Muchacho.

Wouldn't have survived that for sure.


You know...now that you mention it, throwing up on a train sounds like one of the most horrible things ever. I love that.


and I'm thankful for the following site about which I'm not sure I told you: www.parkeharrison.com
Anyway, I should have told you because the fotography is superb.


Buffet Pudding
Sneeze Guards
Donut Sundaes
This Statue


No, Bandy. Throwing up on the school bus is one of the most horrible things ever. I hope if Adrianne Allen ever Googles herself, she comes here and sees that someone still remembers her for that.


i am thankful that they have not yet discovered the bodies. i am thankful i was escorted out of a building in order to enter another which is filled with people who respect and solicit my creativity. i'm thankful that, despite being as old as fart dust on a pilgrim's hat, i'm still playing music. i'm thankful for my wife & kids... friends & family and, of course, medicinal marijuana...


consciousness, green tea ice cream and pomegranate gelato, the forebearance of others, the internets, monkeys of all kinds

Old School Pete

I'm thankful that Jared was thankful for that statue. Is he battling them? I couldn't figure it out cause the babies look happy, but he looks a little concerned... maybe the babies are winning.


I'm thankful for most everything, but especially the fact that I've got one more day of school 'til a nice little vacation arrives.


I'm thankful for HAVING poisonous snakes around here, for having to wait two more weeks for my grades, for having just four more weeks in this nice and warm country before having to go home to dark and freezing Sweden...but I'm most thankful for irony...


I too am thankful for the naked, baby juggling man statue that Jared shared.

And the ribeye steak. Mmm Mmm.

And my wife. She's really nice to me.


so...why does george bush always grant clemency to a couple of turkeys every thanksgiving?? forgive my aussie ignorance!

Biggest Apple

Fiona: It's a tradition that's been around for a while. Some say it started with President Truman in the late 1940's while others say it started as far back as President Lincoln.


I'm thankful for spell checkers
and 3 school days off,
and my wife

Larry The Luke

Can you say Timber Rattler?

Oh my dear, do not be fooled nor be scant of proper footwear when venturing into pristine forests and meadows throughout the temperate climes of America Del Norte.

I too am thankful for being properly gounded.

Also, I am thankful for cell division, for as it happens, this is how I came to be.


Steve - That's funny... because I was THANKFUL they cancelled it! The idea of a talking cat made me uncomfortable.

Tony - Doh! I think you did tell me about it! I'll be posting it post haste...

Jared/Old School Pete/Vito - Here. Here. That statue is BREATHTAKING.

Matty - Spell checkers!? But you're a TEACHER! You're a human spell checker!

Larry the Luke - Oh god - please tell me there's no rattlers around PA!?


i'm thankful that you chose not to care about the consistency of unimportant things like the outlining of background foliage from frame to frame.

that, and ham.


Mojo and Lew
Mary, who made them
and Kevin who never stops making me laugh


Mojo's twine... thine... ine..... ehhhh
WINE.. Happy Thanksgiving ;D


uhh, Labatt blue.
And dancing.
I'm thankful for both.
and naked babies.


Hey Kev. - Don't wanna sound like a know-it-all but just saw this:

Think you could be an Account Executive?
Pixelworthy is looking currently looking for one...


I take all of that back.
I got arrested and spent the night in jail :(


I'm thankful that all of my orifice-share contracts have finally expired. Those were the hardest 10 years, and my lower back is killing me.


Yeah. You gotta read stuff before you sign it...

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