Monday, August 22, 2005

Mojo and the Beef

Mojo and the Beef

A little slice of love

This is actually quite a heart-warming little cartoon, once you understand what Mojo is sacrificing. He adores that beef slab; takes it home every evening. It sits in the passenger seat of the car, and he even tucks it into bed next to him at night.

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(I added an ASCII heart -


oh crap, now you just have to imagine the heart, won't you?


I'm imagining it now... wow! It's red!


Considering what Mojo does to that beef slab in his spare time, it's really more like he's sparing the man and punishing the woman...


This weekend, I saw two biker's in Upstate NY with sock monkey's attached to the back of their Harley's. All I could think of was "eh!."


Man - I bet those monkeys get filthy on the back of those bikes. And in those dirty biker bars.


I used to do that. Not the licking part&mdash the slicing part.
Mojo and the roast beef lady, sittin' in a tree!


i think Mojo could do better. isn't there a baked ham lady?


Mojo just proves that anything can have a libido...


Mojo changes jobs quite often. His resume must be huge!


Oh yeah - it needs a spiral binding and everything...


The day a Mojo cartoon disappoints me is the day the world will end.


Oh dear GOD! That's a lot of pressure on me! *gulp*


My guess is that with the settlement Mojo got from the Fort Mojo debacle, he's not carving beef for money...


Actually, Malibu, he blew all those earnings on pictures of him and Roast Beef riding floom rides across the country.


This only proves that mojo love porn stars!


Biggest Apple

Surely he never eats the roast beef. Beef and Bananas?.....

Julia bunny

mojo is a naughty little monkey. Has he met your bear? Maybe they can do a food hygiene course together?


Why does he not just kill the man, and serve him to the woman as Roast Beef? Mojo then will be saving his precious for the elegant evening he has planned at home.

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