Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Gentleman's Armistice

A Gentleman's Armistice

Mojo and the Factory, Part III.

Is there no more noble action, than the putting aside of differences so that the seeds of peace may be sown? Mojo is victorious in battle, but Just and Fair in his demands — may this final installment inspire those of you who battle in the field of industry to lay down your arms, and love your enemy. That's metaphorical love. Not mouth love. Well — maybe some mouth love if you can get it.



» Mojo and the Factory, Part I.
» Mojo and the Factory, Part II.

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I uploaded a new, Mojo-related desktop to the Downloads Section. Feel free to check it out.

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Biggest Apple

Ok well first of all cell number 5 is fantastic. The final cell though is what has caused convulsions. I love the wave in Mojo's photo. Sort of a " hey fat asses" thing. Although being fingerless, I suppose he could be flipping them the sockmonkey bird......


yeah, you might say he wasn't sewn with enough middle fingers...I reluctantly accept the continued use of the wrong flag :)

John Whittet

I think it looks like the finger. Well, "the hand" if one doesn't have fingers. And just look at that expression. If that doesn't say "sit on it and rotate," I don't know what does.


You notice that the employer got the last laugh, Mojo's picture is crooked.

The Philanthropist

KICK......ASS!!!!! (I'm talking about the victory dance of course)


Eu sou do Brasil e estou sempre aqui. Adoro seu trabalho. Abraço.


Is there any way I can hire Mojo to help me get permanent employee of the month status? I'd pay good money.


Apple/Anders/John - I'll never tell what he's doing! HAHAHA (he's signaling for trucks to use their horn).

Bryan - Looks like Mojo's not the master negotiator he thought he was!

Philanthropist - Hahah, that's how EVERYONE should celebrate...

Paulinho - Obrigado muito muito! Eu aprecio as palavras amáveis, e o hug! E esperançosamente Babelfish está traduzindo este corretamente...

McMullen - Mojo's not motivated by money... now, bananas... THEY'll get his interest...


That manager looks even meaner with his head shaved.


Hey, that's strange: i switched to the newest Mojo-Wallpaper just yesterday, and my productivity at least tripled and i feel like employee of the month as well! How is that possible, some kind of sockmonkey-voodoo?


You're totally welcome to tell me to benny off here but...

If theres any chance you could do a kinda "illustraty" (like the "design vigilantism) version of the mojo employee of the month plaque that we could download and adorn each of our workplaces with, I know I'd proudly put up in my wall. :D


Haha... I can't make any promises, Funnel, but I'll keep something like that in mind for the future ;)

Hugh G.

Damn do you keep creating such amazing work?! Are you an alien from another planet? Are you imbued with some special power? Surely mortal men are not meant to possess such talent!

As always, I'm floored. Mojo has found a place in my heart right next to Calvin & Hobbes.

Have you ever thought of selling prints of your work? I'd proudly display them in my Unibomber-type shack!

Mr. David

I see his plan... diabolical, really. First, he gets press for being the first sockmonkey to run a factory. Then, he gets invited to the Oval Office. The cycle repeats itself. Holds out in the White House, flinging Secret Service and the like... finally, they relent.

I bet with Mojo in charge, things would finally start getting accomplished.

Mojo for President!


I get dibs on being First Lady! rerrrr

Biggest Apple

Kim: Then when things turn to crap and Mojo tells you to get out of his office you can turn to him and say, "Damn It! I MADE YOU!!!".


:/ Actually Mojo and my monkey, Lewis were made by a friend who turned me on to sock monkeys.

Biggest Apple

Well in that case change it to, " You were made by a friend who turned me on to sock monkeys!" A bit odd but still quite dramatic.

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