Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jury Duty

Jury Duty

A five-day career

I am currently serving jury duty, a new highlight in my resume of civic participation. And while I hate to get side-tracked from my "real" job, I think it's been a pretty beneficial experience. For one thing, I now know that juries actually exist. Thanks to television, I assumed it was one of those made-up-for-ratings things, like evil twins, or abs.

Of course, the true yardstick to measure an experience's worth is whether or not it yields a comic. And so far, I've generated four Mojo cartoons. So... I'm not sweating it, see?

So what IS it you're sidetracked from?

Good question, my imaginary reader. This is actually as good a time as any to give a little insight into future projects. I've been going through my work lately, with the intention of putting together a small edition of giclee prints. And that means adding a store to this site. My main focus, however, has been on my options for publishing. I've done a little research into Cafepress,, and iUniverse; any suggestions (or warnings) are welcome from anyone who's tried these venues. Or better yet, if you've had any experience in publishing, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

That's all I'll hint at right now; any more information might blow your minds. Well... okay — maybe just one more tantalizing tidbit...

I've invented a super-soldier serum. And I slipped it into one of your breakfast cereals.

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joe what's-his-name

I got nailed for...uh, I mean - proudly served...jury duty a couple years ago. Jury duty gives you the opportunity to view the length to which others will go to avoid it. When asked the "do you have any concerns about serving" question, one guy replied, "Well, I have a medical condition where my insides are all mixed up. So I tend to burp and pass gas a lot." The DA excused him with a peremptory challenge, clearly making the mental note, "Ok, get rid of The Farter."


looks like Kev landed a lucrative sponsorship deal with a certain mobile communications company ;)

John Nick

Mojo is so BAD! I'm realizing I love him so much because he's a totally unique amalgam. That naughty, naive, pursuit of happiness -- almost Chaplinesque.

He teaches a valuable lesson in emotional stability too -- when you've pissed off the entire world, hide out, have a little cry, then get COMPLETELY distracted by cake.


First off- How the HECK can you sit still and NOT draw during court? I dont see how you could handle being so far from your sketchbook for so long. you are probably using your car keys to scrbe mojo cartoons on the back of chiars.

I actually worked as a .printer ( printing giclee prints) and so, you could just buy one for 5 grand and i could run it for you! HOT!


dang IT! i screwed up my link.

try this...but you really needn't bother.


I thought my cheerios tasted a little funny... that and the sudden irresistible urge to kill tipped me off.


I'm surprised no one has commented on the massive handlebar mustache in frame 2 and the even better, and elusive, massive handlebar mustache from behind in frame 5. Well done.


Man first i have to read his comics now i have to buy his prints. Whats next are you gonna visit me in the us or what? Come on Kevin you're going nuts......

I'll take 3 prints please.


Joe - I'm pleased to say, that during all deliberations, no one farted. Which is good, because that jury room is pretty small.

Nat - The serum already kicked-in? Man, I haven't even figured out what my "bidding" is. Oh well - I'll just bid you to... eat more cereal.

JR - Yeah - Mr. Kemp's mustache is pretty awesome. He was actually aquitted just on THAT.

Rob - But I'm IN the U.S. I'll be over with the prints when they're done. I want meatloaf for dinner.


Kev, The lettering in the title of this comic is truly a thing of beauty. Probably the best I've ever seen from you. KUTGW!


Thanks, Ian - But not to disappoint you, the "Serving The Community" part WAS done in Photoshop...


you fuckin sell out! using these FONTS and other dirty things to do type...


Yeah, who do you think you are? Some kinda word programmer?


Hi, Nat here checking in. Upped my cereal intake like suggested. Enjoying the increased musculature, but not so much the permanent bulging blood-shot eyes. Question: Is the overwhelming urge to stop and salute every American flag I come across a normal side effect? It has become quite a hassle esp. when engaged in activities that require the use of both hands, like driving stick or playing video games.


NAT: it's possible to drive stick in the states without getting beaten up with it later, or am I misinterpreting your location?


Is it possible to drive stick in the states without getting beaten up with it later.... hmm... is this an encrypted message? Possibly the details of my first mission? Fantastic! I'll get right on decoding this.


sorry, it was supposed to be a question, I guess I should have said "IS IT..." :(


Anders: I have yet to be beaten with my gearbox, is this something I should watch out for?


Your days of worrying about being beat up are over, Nat. You're a super-soldier now!

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