Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mojo and the Birthday

Mojo and the Birthday

This Birthday Sponsored By...

Thankfully, I can only count a couple instances where I was the recipient of a restaurant-staffed birthday congratulations. I know some people probably relish the enthusiastic attention of strangers (although the staff I depicted here are much more enchanting than their real-life counterparts), but I'm not really crazy about it. Mojo, however, loves clapping, and really enjoys fires — so birthday celebrations and the cake they promise are a siren song.

I don't want you to misinterpret me, here. I'm not saying that a person can't have a fulfilling experience from this tip-bolstering display. In fact, one of my proudest pranking moments was fueled by this peculiarity. I had accompanied my good friend Vito out for dinner. As the meal came to a close, we heard somewhere off in the distance the clapping that precedes a birthday visitation. Vito, acting the ham, began clapping along and making a face that said "Ha, Ha! Some idiot is getting a cake! How embarrassing for them!"

The way that face melted from mockery to realization and then to humiliation when they placed that cake in front of him... well, it tasted way sweeter than the icing.

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On a related note, I'd like make mention that this cartoon was the particular Mojo episode I talked about way back in the Gambling Monkey post. It used to be 23 panels in length. I feel this new version works better, but if you want to decide for yourself, feel free to check out the original, which I posted here. You might also find it interesting because you can see the development of the cartoon; how it started, and where it went.

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Biggest Apple

I had the surreal experience once of sitting in an American Steak House in Holland while the Dutch waiters had to sing a "countrified" version of happy birthday whilst they lined danced. All of the them managed not to smile which is what made my evening.


the long version was SOOO much better! :D

Rob Weychert

As you know, I much prefer the shortened version. That last panel still makes me laugh out loud.


I made it sound like the short version is shit...I apologize, it rocks too...


The ominous stand-off silence in the last panel is quite chilling, yet ROFL funny. Maybe this could be developed into a horror movie franchise: ' CAKE HARVESTER '.


Anders - When I originally drew up the comic, the frame I thought was going to be the funniest was the upper-rightmost frame, where it switches POV to Mojo's back. But in the end, Rob's logic for cutting won out - once you see Mojo standing there... you know what he wants. Why go further? Although, the fact he grabs numerous cakes a pretty good payoff to justify more of the story.

What I'm finding lately when I write up a comic, is that there's no right ending, because SOMEONE always prefers the ending a different way...

FYL - I gotta say, that is a GREAT title! Perhaps the next Mojo cartoon will explore his 'cake harvesting' tendencies... :)

John Nick

I realize "bathos" is most often defined as "insincere pathos" but dang, the American Heritage Dictionary sure sums up this comic:

An abrupt [...] transition in style from the exalted to the commonplace, producing a ludicrous effect.

I heartily agree with FYL's ROFL assessment.

A devil-may-care scampering cake harvester is chuckle-worthy and comfy, but the sad creepiness of a spectre-like dessert-coveting monkey wins out in my book.


Lovely, I like it, I like the long version a bit more since the "loads of cakes part" is killing me, but the short one is neat too. The face of the guy that received the cake is priceless, although it's just a line instead of eyes.

Nice work


It could be because I've read the long one, that I appreciate the last frame of the short one more...


Murten - yeah, the guy in the final frame has just the right look... he doesn't know what's coming yet, but he knows something is wrong. :)


The short one's got it's thing. But the long one is for real fans, goddammit.


i think it it would also end well, with the frame where he runs off as the next birthday song starts.

nomatter what kevin, mojo never ceases to amuse me.
thanks for starting my day out with a laugh!


Kim had the same suggestion, Niffer! Like-minds edit my cartoons alike!


Go Niff! I definitely prefer shorter… although I wouldn't mind some more editing. I think the 5 or 6 frames of the birthday singing could be converted into 1 or 2 panels of something like Niff's comments.


YES! I think like kim! I told you I was 1/4...: ) Really though, Mojo running towards the singing is just too great to give up.


By FAR the long version. If you think otherwise you're definitely stupid.


No sock monkeys for Springfish.

The Philanthropist

I definitely liked the short version better after seeing the original. Mojo looks like he could be on the brink of doing just about anything, and the not-knowing is part of the charm.


well i think it's just funny, i don't know why and i think that is for the best



I'll learn to behave, I promise. You'll see…you'll see real good!


Is it true,luvs? Do I detect my previous electronic posting has been subjected to a 'Wagging'. My masters at the Salon always insisted, nay, demanded verbosity when critiquing fine Monkey art. I feel faint, I go now to take a 3/4 solution of Earl Gray, 2 park drives and hot buttered crumpet. May the feast lift the deadend flight of the barborous insects gnawing at my heart.


i love this website!!


Thanks Gllimm! I appreciate it :)


i just have to add that this was posted on my birthday. now where's my cake?


Haha! That's pretty funny!

Apparently, Wayne, Mojo took it. :)

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