Monday, February 14, 2005

The Gambling Monkey

The Gambling Monkey

Mojo and the Three Panels

Since I made the switch from working with one-panel cartoons to multipanel, I've done a lot of experimentation with the dynamics of all those little squares. It's interesting how the number of panels you're working with dictates so much of the story's direction.

For instance, while the standard length I created for Mojo cartoons is eight panels, I've recently done a couple three panel segments (mostly because I'm learning this site can't support too much verticality). These three panel cartoons are proving pretty challenging — especially since Mojo really doesn't talk. But, I've enjoyed the results!

I'm sorry sir. We have to amputate

In a similar vein, I've also discovered that many multipanels I've done can be improved by losing a frame or two. The main proponent of these edits has been Rob Weychert, who's most successful suggestion had me lose 11 frames from a 23 frame Mojo cartoon. It's less work, AND it's funnier! Perhaps I can post the results once it's inked...

In the meantime, you can get a pretty good glimpse of why Mojo's Atlantic City trip lasted 3 weeks.

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MAN! I had no idea mojo was in atantic city with us this weekend. I thought I heard a distinct "eh h," comming from my suitcase....not to mention all those missing chips!..


Oh... that explains why he didn't eat any of his dinner this weekend. His Beef Wellington is still sitting on the kitchen table.


Waita second. Mojo isn't vegetarian?
Kevin. I like how you and the rest of the web are following the same Valentine's Day theme. Not doing nothin'.


Well - I don't get a percentage of Hallmark's earnings, so I'm not particularly moved to do anything for it.


Hey, thanks for putting me and Jes in the foreground of the last frame! Appreciated!
I'll return the favor by putting you and her on my homepage.


You're in the foreground? Huh? Ho? Oh!

OH! Yes. That's on purpose. You know, so that you pay me money.

*hand outstretched*

Rob Weychert

I think this cartoon could lose at least three frames.


There should have been a drumroll preceeding that clever repartee.


I'm pretty sure that Mojo can make qucik decisions, based on his disposal of that bomb in the toilet, so this seems to be more about the unfortunate language barrier between card dealers and monkeys. Tragic.


Yeah. Plus Mojo was waiting for the wheel to spin.


he didn't have any problems spending on my cash in the nickel slots either!
damn monkey!


Ack, When I was a croupier we used to have this problem all the time! In the end the manger had to put his foot down, Absolutely NO monkeys in the Casino,


Don't know bout sock monkeys but garden variety monkeys are real good at throwing craps. Mostly their own, mind you.

Lee Dale

On the subject of multi-panel layouts, might I suggest Scott Mcloud's "Understanding Comics".


Yeah - I actually read "Re-inventing Comics", but never read "Understanding Comics". Maybe I'll take a backward glance!


Why should we "never read 'Understanding Comics'"?



Hmm - looks like the English language has it's limits!

Or does read ("reed") have a different past tense than read ("red")?


admit it, this cartoon was inspired by hours of time spent at the four dragons casino in las venturas.


Good idea, Wayne! I need a little break! *play, play, play*


Under the category of 'being consistent':
I would like to point out that on frame two, appears to be chairless...


Hah hah! Good call Hilmerr!


I hear that monkeys sometimes hurl their stool. Maybe that's why?


hehee - good one, ian...

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