Important Details

dimensions: 5" x 7"

media: Graphite / Digital

About Father Nature

This was the Current Champ on The Superest for August 20, 2009. While all of the Superest art is in grayscale, I decided to do this one in color just for a little practice. Plus, that way, I could show red-spanked lemur bottom, helping me grab some of that lucrative recluse-bachelor lemur pornography market.


Everyone seemed to really think this was a sex joke so I updated the drawing so it didn't seem so explicit. I put the original here however. I hope you're all happy. I had to erase the lemur's asshole because all of you have filthy minds. Now I'm going to have the Society For Correct Lemur Anatomy on my back. And why shouldn't Father Nature be naked? He's all-natural for chrissake!

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