Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday Street

Birthday Street

A New Comic Frontier!

This week, I'm pleased to announce the most exciting adventure I've undertaken since doing all that exploring in college!

What's that? No, I do mean exploring...

Well, I'm sorry if it confuses you. That's what I call the class. It wasn't just orienteering. It covered several other distinct disciplines: spelunking, cartography, survival skills. It was a great semester and I learned a lot.

Whatever. I'm just... I'm just going to start over.

A New Comic Frontier!

This week, I'm pleased to announce the most exciting adventure I've undertaken since my Orienteering Class. Birthday Street!

Birthday Street is a thrice weekly web comic that Mssrs. Sutter, Dalkner and I will be undertaking. It's a project that's been rattling around our "To-Do" lists for quite a while, but it was always on the back burner because of The Superest. But now, the adventure can begin. I implore you to visit us, and pick up our feed, or follow us on twootter or even the bookface!

In other news...

For those of you who are right now saying, "A new site? But you don't even post to this one enough!" buck up, because I haven't been slacking on Bearskinrug-style content. What I have been doing, is saving that stuff up and putting it in the next book. Similar to the rare and exotic Bearskinrug Swap Meat Sketchbook, this new book will be a much more robust beast, jam-packed with several years worth of sketches, writing, comics and a plethora of Mojo. It's a little too soon to give a hard date on it, but it will definitely be out in the coming year.

In the meantime, Birthday Street will be a pretty good place to visit if you're in the mood for laughter. And Spain is nice if you're in the mood for warm weather. I also hear the sunrises are fantastic in Belize. And if you can't get your fill of ice cores, I can't recommended Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station enough.

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Thanks for launching Birthday street on my birthday week! I know you were thinking of me and I appreciate it!


I thought it quite appropriate. I've also sent a gift basket of speed dating hats!

Karl Habegger

New Comics! I'm so... hang on. ...I uh, I have something in my eye.


Ah, orienteering class. Goodness, how Sally Anne could get my compass pointing north back in the day. Good times. Good. Times.

As for Birthday Street: subscribed.


Karl - It's your finger. And you missed - it was supposed to go down your throat. That's the PROPER reaction to my comics....

Testmonkey - And there was that class field trip to Australia where she had it pointing South. That was hot as well.


Where can get my speed dating hats?


They're pretty easy to make. You just take a Pee Dating hat and add and S and a D.

The Philanthropist

Glad to hear there's another sketchbook item coming out. I missed the Swap Meat book and have felt empty ever since.

Glindon Marten

So, you've cloned yourself?


Well, I cloned George Peppard, spliced in my brainwaves, and shrunk him seven inches. It's a cross between me and Hannibal from the A-Team. He drives a red-striped black saturn.


Being a high-tech, ultra-modern sort, I took my Orienteering class online. Instead of the classic title, it was being offered under the heading of "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" I still enjoy the companion book, "Where's Waldo?" and the reference video, "Where the Wild Things Are" Try as I might, I never acchieved full Orienteerification and still get lost from time to time.
What were we talking about?


I eventually found Carmen San Diego in a remote town called "Things To Difficult For Kevin To Do So He Quits."

Cliener von Cleanskin

My orientation day got cancelled (well, no one turned up) largely thanks to the head of the student guild disappearing with most of the guild funds. Fortunately this taught me many important lessons such as if you’re going to run off with money, make sure it’s more than $50,000.

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