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An Ambidextrous Comic

Now, I don't want this comic to start trouble in my personal life. Let me assure every single person who I sent a Christmas Card this year that I did not want to actually send them one ALL equally. This is mainly because this year Kim's been so busy, that the actual printing and addressing of the cards fell on my shoulders. I never realized how troublesome a task it is. It's like having to send out wedding invitations every Christmas. I gave up like half-way through.

Whatever the case, I wish all of you out there the fondest of holiday wishes. And if you're looking for any last minute gift ideas for friends or family, I'd suggest absolving them of any card-sending obligations. It's the gift that keeps on not giving!

Editor's Note Added At A Later Date

» Click here for Christmasgram, Part 2.

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Uhm... no... lets not take that route: its silly. And what if I'm not First... I'll look like a moron!

So... best wishes to you mr Cornell. May the spriit of shopping, candles, trees indoor, screaming children (both indoors and outdoors), pets scared of the silly neighbor dressed like santa, pets attacking said santa...

Whatever the case: have fun! And try not to stay sober throughout the whole ordeal, ok? I'm making sure I darn will not!


Oh you're gonna get trouble in your personal life! Someone other than you addressed and stamped and licked all those envelopes as well…And it wasn't Ernie!


Henrik - Oh don't worry. I'm drunk right now. I'm way better at hiding liquor than my friends are at throwing an intervention.

Kim - Oh, hey baby... I uh... didn't see you there.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kevin (and Kim)


Oooh - a two-for greeting! It's a Christmas miracle! ;)

Thanks Greg!

Barry Jones

I feel for you. Thankfully for me the other half has been a busy bee and all of our cards are sealed and delivered!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! To one and all!

Glindon Marten

Yes, I must say that your awesome articles and hilarious anecdotes have brightened many a dreary morn for yours truly this year. Thank you! I wish you continued success in the new year.


Barry - Thanks!

Glindon - Aw - thanks! I only wish I could have posted more this year. Or invented some sort of weather machine to eliminate dreary weather. Whichever is easiest.


Hey, Kevin.
Te Absolvo. You never have to send me a Christmas card ever again. Or... for the first time, either.

Besides, you'd have to find me, first, and my cult keeps insisting that I can't just transmogify holidays in order to get presents. They keep calling it "sin-crud-ism", whatever that is.

You know what? Screw 'em! This is the internet: "MERRY GREAT POTATO CHRISTMAS!"

p.s. please send all Great Potato Christmas Checks to the following Swiss Bank Account: XPT-32987346. In return, you will receive a genuine potato chunk, cut from a descendant of the original Great Potato of 1996.


Can I redeem my potato chunk for karma?


I fear you may CHOKE on your potato for your sacrilege, infidel. I enjoy your work, though, so I think I won't report you to the Great Potato Potentato.

Russer Butter

Hurray for Ambidextrous!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The alpacas challenge Ernie, Mojo and Lewis to a caroling contest and snowball fight.


Is there cross-species caroling? Are Mojo and Lew technically a species? Or are they more of a re-animated garment?

Murten Saerbi

Been a while since I've posted, but I cannot and will not let this opportunity pass by: Merry Christmas, Kevin Cornell, have a great holiday season!


Ah, Murten! Good to hear from you again — and the best of holiday wishes to you!


I'm holding out for telepathic Christmas cards myself. T'would save time, stamps, paper, ink ... we'd save the planet and my finances in one fail swoop! Al Gore would be so proud! Merry Happy Christmastime to you all and I look forward to another year of giggles, grins and chuckles on Bearskinrug! Thanks for keeping my spirits up all year, Kevin! :-)


I sent you a telepathic card. Like 5 times. You didn't get it?


Was that you? I thought I was getting holiday spam! And if you think leftover holiday turkey is a hassle, lemme tell you, it's got nothing on holiday spam!!

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