Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snowman Sleepover

Snowman Sleepover

A Magical Hat Does Not A Friend Make

Here's something to figure out... can that magic hat bring everything to life? Say I'm a magician, and I come home from a long day of doing magic on street corners, and I put my top hat on the hat rack. Does the hat rack come to life and start dancing around? And what if I want it to stop? I can take it off the hat rack, sure, but I gotta put it down somewhere, and the moment I do that does the chair or the couch, or my kitchen table break into song? If you really think about it, this hat is more of a curse than a gift. I think I'd rather have a top hat that kills whoever wears it. Then I might be able to finagle an early inheritance from my rich Uncle Thurston.

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So, if *I* put it on and I'm already alive, do I get more alive? 'Cause in that case, it's like a stylish, if somewhat anachronistic, fountain of youth.


"You can live forever, if you're willing to look like Phileas Fogg."


Tell me he's going to eat those two. Please.

His mouth could do with some more space, though. Unless he has cutlery.


If you're a magician and have a real magic hat, why street corners? Why not the more traditional magic-doing venues like the back of taxi cabs or your Uncle Thurston's basement?


What if you turned the hat insideout...?

William Stewart

Is this Michael Jackson as a snowman? Just give him a white glove and moonwalking skills and it's perfect!

"Cause this is chller, chiller night
And no ones gonna save you from the snow about strike..."

Gentle Jones

i just want to know what he's smoking in that pipe


i would just put it down up side down. (and then maybe a couple of rabbit will jump out.)


I say we stick the hat on the corpse of ol' Abe Lincoln... Zombie Abe in 2012!

Cliener von Cleanskin

If you don’t take care of rich Uncle Thurston soon, a 20 year old vixen will move in and then you’ll get nothing.


Jeremy - I think a live person wearing the hat would just be more alive. You know... finding joy in the laughter of children... appreciating sunsets... that kind of sissy-crap.

Dibyo - Snowmen don't eat children! Unless it's Abominable Snowmen. But that's an entirely different species.

Testmonkey - I'm not allowed in Uncle Thurston's basement. That's where he swims through his money.

Craig - Hahah - GOOD call!

Gerren - YES! Finally we can push some of that legislation forcing the FDA to properly regulate brains through congress.

Cliener - What, do you mean Shiela? I THOUGHT that was a weird matchup!


Sing along - everyone now!
Frosty the Pervert was a friendly frisky soul,
With his corncob pipe and his button nose and his hands where they shouldn't go!

russer butter

Kevin this is quite disturbing. No, very disturbing.

And all you really need to do is set the hat upside down. The magic only works if you place the hat on the right way. When the hat is upside down you don't make things come to life, but you do have to worry about exploding white rabbit populations.

uncle thurston

Your brother taught me how to use the intro-net Kevin! I now see right through all those gifts and cards and lingerie!

You are CUT OUT of my will, and now so is your MOTHER! That will show you to put a killing-hat on MY head!


Wait, Uncle T... what I MEANT to say was "a top hat that CHILLS whoever wears it"

I thought that some brisk air would revulcanize your humors, is all...


Actually if you watch the cartoon, which I do EVERY Christmas time, the hat doesn't work for EVERYONE, it didn't even work for the guy who THOUGHT he was a magician visiting the school.

However the hat is the one with the REAL power, picking and choosing who it feels deserves it's magic powers.

So the REAL question is would your hat rack deserve it's magical powers. Now we need to look into what qualifies one to the magic powers.

Captain Purple

What if you threw-up into the hat?

glindon marten

Captain Purple:

Did you ever see that episode of Ren & Stimpy with Egg Yolkio? That should answer your question.

Jonathan Wagener

HAHAHA - ridiculous - but interesting. I wonder if the magician can control the whims of the magical hat and force it to make things alive that it does not feel are worthy :)

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