Thursday, November 13, 2008

Peoplemals Prints

Peoplemals Prints

Headline: Back Attack Hurts Sales

This week, I write under rather unusual circumstances. See, on Sunday, I was doing a lot of leaf-raking, followed by running, followed by more leaf-raking, followed by bringing in the outdoor furniture. And somewhere in this smorgasbord of physical activity, I managed to throw my back out.

I must admit this is not a rare affliction for me. In the parlance of our times, I have what they call a "trick back". I say trick in the sense that it likes to play practical jokes on me — hilarious jokes — like all the muscles that allow me to hold my body upright suddenly decided to... disappear! So, up until about today, I couldn't move about the house unless I was doubled-over, watching my feet. And while I'm unhappy with such circumstances, I can at least be thankful that I can sit comfortably in a chair. Otherwise I'd have to work while laying down, and I hate the implications of telling people that I'm currently earning a living on my back.

But, enough about my back. The important message of today is that I'm now selling 5 new prints in the Bearskinrug Store. So if you've always wanted your own copy of Manda, Mantelope, Giraffellow, Hebra and Shebra, or Lady Sowager, now is the time to pick them up! Figuratively and literally. Because you know, I shouldn't be doing any lifting with my back like this. Have you no heart?

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Well, it's good to see you're back up and at'em. Nothing like getting back to work, I say. Yup, especially when you don't have a back-up person to take care of things for you.

OK, I'll stop now. Yup, this is me, backing out of this failed attempt at humor.

Damn. Sorry.


Careful, you dropped your glasses.

Steve Killen

Here's hoping your better soon Kevin and that your muscles go back to doing the job they're are supposed to do.


No fun indeed! Two weeks ago I was at the self-checkout register at the grocery store. I was reloading my items into the cart and picked up a 5lb box of Satsuma oranges, pulling a back muscle in the process. OUCH! I walked with a lean for the next five days (sort of like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Hmm. At first I read "Bear Attack Hurts Sales". Perhaps this would explain why your back hurts.


Testmonkey - Man... I wish I hurt my weiner. It would have made for a much more bawdy comment on your end!

Sutter - How predictable... here I am in pain, and you do nothing but mock me. Just like when you were throwing pies at me at clown camp.

Steve - Hey - I've had back problems so often, I almost think this IS what they're supposed to do.

Monkeyinabox - You should have bought seedless oranges. That would have saved you 2 or 3 lbs right there.

Reggebah - A bear attack would increase sales, i think. You reach a much larger audience when you're on the evening news.

The Colonel

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, man! The leaves strike again!

Be careful out there, they lull you in to raking them by being all up on your grass, you pile them, thinking you'll clean them up easier, then BLAM! Back goes out, you fall into the leaves, and the consumption of your mortal flesh begins.

It's only a matter of time, then, when Kim comes looking, only to find your bones, neatly piled just next to the leaf pile.

The horror. Oh, dear, sweet, merciful heavens, the horror.


I do find the idea of laying in a pile of leaves horrifying... all those spongecake fungi, and rolly-polly bugs... EWEWWEWW


I agree with The Colonel, why I remember the day those mercyless bastards lured me to the water with the old "the pool filter is all clogged up with leaves" trap. And like a sucker I walked straight into it...

I still remember those wet jeans and the irrepairable wet wallet with all those now useless coupons...

William Stewart

Do you have beautiful feet? If so, watching them may not be terrible after all.


Honestly, they're not much to look at. But they have a great personality, and they're a good listener.

Glindon Marten

Just be thankful you're not in prison in that condition. eeeeewww.


Awesome! E- house studio is sending me one of your illustrated books :) I think I may have to grab one of your prints at some point!


Sorry to hear about your back problems, get well soon.


Glindon - I doubt I'd hurt my back in prison. I'd have so much free time to work on my "core".

Pasquale - haha - I was wondering if that book had been won yet! Congrats :)

Gerren - Much appreciated, Gerren - luckily I already feel better, and can stand up normal by now. Though I still have trouble torquing my back.


I have a trick knee, but thankfully, it only tells knock-knock jokes ....

Manuel Martensen

I found another Shebra on the internet! Look at her (apparently her head fell off, but she is still adorable):


Phyllis - Does it do shows? Because I saw a knee once at a nightclub... two, in fact.

Manuel - Well, it's nice to know that MY peoplemals are sturdier! They'll outlast these newcomers!


No, my trick knee does not do shows, though it did attempt to do stand-up at one point .... unfortunately, it wanted to go solo and I fear I held it back. (I'm sure the full sordid drama will be played out on A&E's Biography one day ....)

Cindy Honath


Let me know the date. I could use a,journkee somewhere, just to get out of the house. Lame , I know!


C indy

Can you believe I gooffed up the punch line by leaving -n- out of knee thats makes a key. Now all I have to do is figure out which door!

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