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Measure of Maturity

Measure of Maturity

An Ambidextrous Comic

I can easily identify with this — it took me forever to be able to eat a mushy banana. I also don't care for eating the end of the banana, that part that gets impaled by the little spike at the bottom of the peel. Yet I do it anyways, because potassium helps me grow. And it's surely working, because all around me I see signs that I'm maturing.

For instance, I spend much less time thinking about my outsides, and much more time thinking about my insides. I worry way more about my prostate than I ever did about my hair.

Also, I am no longer satisfied by anything I build with Legos. When I was a kid, I had enough imagination to pretend that the big flat 16×8 piece with wheels on it was a car. Now, I refuse to accept that any discerning Legoman would pay good Lego money for a vehicle with such obvious flaws. For heaven's sake, there's no ignition!

And lastly, I started to make a conscious effort not to use the word "fucking" as an adjective in daily speech, replacing it with the much classier word "rather". Observe:

A Classier Bearskinrug

I'm... uh... still getting the hang of it.

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Hey first post!
I must be immature because I can't bring myself to eat the brown spots, I have some growing up to do.
P.S. I just got and finished Curriculum Vitae and it was hilarious!


I'd argue that a person who enjoys Curriculum Vitae is INCREDIBLY mature. And dynamic.


Well, I must be regressing, because I used to be able to eat mushy bananas. Now I can't bear the sight of them.

Excuse me.. I must go and pull faces at my neighbours...

Nate Klaiber

I want my imagination back. The imagination I had as a child. I watch my son play and wonder where my imagination went sometimes. Why is it we accept 'mature' and 'growing up' as something so drab and boring?

Im going to go play with legos now.


Chris - Well, after that I want you clean your room, and then finish your homework.

Nate - I think there's some sort of relationship between the amount of imagination you have, and the amount of sugar you eat.


I must say, his is a rather good Bearskinrug article.


I knew I was done for when I started eating cereal that had "Bran" in the title. When did I become the fellow that gets grumpy when the poo schedule gets off a bit?

The Colonel

Maturity's a funny thing. I basically reached my limit when I was able to buy GTA games. It's been mentally downhill ever since.

OR uphill, if you think about it. Being a kid was WAY more awesome than being an adult.

That said, I'm going to take off work early today, go home, strip to my boxers, and play GTA IV for the rest of the day. Maybe I'll make some cocoa.

Now THAT'S some good, old-fashioned maturity.


Christian - Why, thank you!

Testmonkey - Well, you can get grumpy at any age when that schedule is off. Though I'd wager that "sudden, surprise meetings" make a person more grumpy than delayed ones.

Colonel - I don't know... I think GTA actually raised my maturity level. I'd never stuck to a real-life work-out schedule as well as I did in San Andreas.


Those pesky banana tail impaling spikes no longer scare me. Or perhaps it's that I no longer care now that I'm more mature or things that I previously feared are no longer scary.

Damn, maturity is confusing.

glindon marten

It's amazing how sarcastic the "Rather" cartoon guy sounds when you pretend he's watching the nightly news with Dan Rather.

glindon marten

BTW, if this Smashing Mag article was a competition, The Superest would soooo win.

glindon marten

Doh, I broke the comments section... sorry.

Mountain Gnome

Bananas! Eh?


Monkeyinabox - Well, there's a simple test. Are you still scared of the guy in the Chucky Cheese costume?

Glindon - Never fear! I have fixed it! Er... the comments, not the non-existent competition.

Mountain Gnome - Indeed!


this is the most depressing god damn thing i've ever read.

I'm tempted to some over and stage a home invasion just to get the blood pumping in your withered old veins.


Sounds like the banana was the mature one!

Manuel Martensen

Another thing that comes with maturity is that when i scroll down here, reading the comments and then suddenly i spot my “cookied” name, i always wonder for a split second what i have already commented here.

For childhood sakes i will take the ferry to the mainland today, get on my mountain bike and start pedaling towards the next big city (which is 100 k’s away) and i will pretend that i forgot to put tube fixing stuff and a crapload of wrenches in my backpack and a will leave the pump and extra valves at home as well. I will pretend that i don’t care.

Will that work?


Hell, I can't even stand the smell of a banana. But I love monkeys.
That's a disaster.


I wasn't afraid of the things at the end of bananas until i hear they are BANANA TAIL IMPAILING SPIKES.
great now i have to find anouther way to get my daily potassium


This is a rather serious predicament, I used my rather Legos to build a rather banana, but now my rather dog has eaten it! Rather rude I say!


Heheh - the idea of you eating a banana made of legos amused me, Opspraak :)


Shit Kevin. Its been a while since I checked this site, and now all of my co-workers are looking at me funny as I laugh out loud. Especially at the rathering ending.


The use of 'rather' is ... eh ... quite recognizable. It made me chuckle.

Diane Zerr

Just go ahead and say it, f-u-c-k-i-n-g, feels good doesn't it?


Well, I said it, but now everyone is looking at me funny. Why oh why did I bring my computer to church with me?


My co-workers also looked at me funny when I laughed out loud :)


My coworkers always look at me funny anyway. Maybe I should start telling them to quit rather staring at me and rather get back to their own rather jobs? :-) Rather ya, man!


You are going about it the wrong way. Instead of substituting words for "fuck", you do the opposite. Tomorrow, I want you to substitute "fuck" for the word "do". Your day will be much more enjoyable and stress free when you fuck that.


Well, I tried it.

A lot of people hit me today. :(

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