Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mail Call Spread

Mail Call Spread

More Sketchbook Spelunking, huh?

That's right! Here's another spread from Sketchbook Eighteen, containing the autobiographical comic Mail Call. I always said to myself, 'Kevin, never do any autobiographic comic work — it's just too cliché', yet here I am breaking my own rules.

Actually, I never made that rule. But I'm making it... starting now!1

Looks like the world will never know the amazing but untold truths of my life. At least in comic form. I may come out with an autobiographical movie, provided I can play Porthos, my evil twin. Some other schlub can play me. Porthos is the one who wins the lottery, and discovers a planet.

What planet?


They already discovered that.

Yeah, but he didn't know about it.

Footnotes added at a later date...

1 This vow really didn't last long.

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is that some kind of excercise at the top, and what is the story behind the 21 million xeroxes?^^


I think Erny is a pretty good dancer! mmm, I imagine he can be like some main act at a carnival, especially with that Mojo brand on his gross half!


Geniales como siempre, como todas las ilustraciones e historias. Congratulations.


so if it's autobiographical is that also a self portrait in the center? because i didn't picture you with a foot right in the middle of your face.


Anders - Well, I just thought it would be fun to draw a line-up of various things, all sized properly. So I suppose that's sort of an exercise. I did feel tired afterwards.

Opspraak - Haha - sorry, Opspraak - you don't get to keep the first slot if you're just using it as a placeholder;) But hey - number two's not bad!

Enrique - ˇGracias mucho! Eso muy está adulando.

Burd - Haha - no, that's not me, thank god. I'd have to have a foot there - nothing would ever smell right.

Stevie K

I think there are certain similarities between the depiction of yourself and how mojo looks, is there something in this, or is it purely coincidental?


All sized properly, eh? Well, I've seen a REAL pile of sand, buddy, and it was a lot bigger than that!

I wonder if Floyd would fit in the blender. Maybe if you greased him up reeeal good?


Stevie K. - Well, we both have bad posture that's for sure. And Mojo is the character through whom I live vicariously. I mean... I'd wanted to hit Brubaker for years.

Filip - *sniffle* you're right... that's actually a pile of sugar I tried to pass off as sand...

Alan D.

Dance Ernie! Dance!


Mid-panel, far-right: Wow, I guess that guy from Assassin's Creed got mugged. Not very professional to show up to clandestine work in drag. is...

I'm supposed to spy on some coworkers later, I'll give it a shot.

Mike Fool

I can't help but feel bad for Jim. He has lost some hair, looks a bit beaten down by life and even wore a tie to appear in your sketch, but you give Floyd McCoy the cool name and left Jim out in the cold. Plain ol' Jim, he gets the nightstand, Floyd gets the exotic snake and sand(sugar) combo.

The Colonel

Collecting mail these days is a soul-eviscerating experience indeed.

Why do I need 17 thousand coupons and some crappy newspaper about savings?

If they really knew me, they'd send hookers and coke.


I've always held a suspicion that Mojo was just Kevin dressed up in a sock since they're never seen in the same place at the same time. But here they are! (Or maybe it's a special effect! Stunt double? Hmmm…)

P.S. Where's the next scene where "dancing Ernie" angrily whizzes on you?!


wow i like the guy with the ostrich egg's expression

its like he knows that he is a criminal... and he likes it


by the way, my name is actually kevin sutter

i found this website by searching my name on google, and i have to say, it is great

glindon marten

Yea, I don't even know Kevin, but I'm starting to get the suspicion that Mojo's trials and tribulations may be an allegory for Kevin's life. I feel like documenting this in song. Sort of like "The Walrus Was Paul" but more like "The Monkey Was Kevin".

glindon marten

Which reminds me, if you ever want to make a flash cartoon of Mojo I'd be happy to provide a soundtrack filled with crappily played acoustic guitar and lots of "Eh" and other various monkey noises.


I love these things, Kevin. I appreciate the little details that get sketched but rarely make it past the editors.

For example, in that long line of people standing on a bottle . . . what does the guy at the end of the line have in his backpack? And who taught him to wear both straps? And where can I get a broom that goes "zibbo zibbo zibbo"?


By "editors," I mean Mojo, the Ambidextri, and Ernie. Or whomever it is that tells Kevin what should or should not end up polished up and published for public consumption.


Excellent ink work.

Manuel Los Martensen

Man, i love those mixed up collages. Utterly, fucking noice! Damn!


I spilled my tea on me @ "gross half of my dog". Does he do that thing where he drags his bum across the carpet? That's always fun for guests to watch. Kind of like a substitute for charades.


In case you seriously want to stop junk mail, here are the tools to keep your sanity:

Russer Butter

I agree with the Colonel, though coupons for the hookers and coke would be ok.


Dangit! And there I almost couldn't sleep last night because of all the excitement! Aah, well, better luck next time. hahahaha!

Mr. Fishie

Am I the only one to notice the partially invisible bottle eerily floating next to the one with people standing on it?

Mountain Gnome

Really cool Kevin
I love these collections of (seemingly) random illustrations. Favourite parts are "gross half of my dog" and Mojo attempting to brand Ernie!
What does a double helix have to do with "The Littlest Bunny Rabbit" or is that just a decorative border?
These Illustrations remind me of a game I play with my girlfriend where we draw randomly connected things in turns on a large sheet of paper, only difference is, on our sheet, you can clearly see who has more Illustrative skills and who has more ingenious ideas!



Colonel - Hmm. I thought I knew you... but I've actually only sent you coke. Until now, of course.

Bluefrog - Dancing Ernie never whizzes angrily - it's only for entertainment.

KSutt - That's funny! Maybe you're related to Sutter! Or me!

Glindon - Haha - perhaps! I've actually talked to a couple people about a soundtrack for a Mojo animation. Of course, I need to MAKE the animation first. It has a script, but... no time.

Jeremy - The editor is usually "Father Time" ;)

Gerren / Manuel - Thanks!

Herocomplex - Yup. He doesn't do it too often, but he does often leak fluid from his anal glands, emitting an acrid, chemical smell. Dragging his ass on the carpet is what a dog does when those glands are irritated.

Swift - Oh! Excellent! THanks!

Russer - Hookers don't take coupons! At least, not as payment.

Mr. Fishie - Haha - yeah - you're right!

Mountain Gnome - I'm not sure what the helix was supposed to be. But... it doesn't have anything to do with the rabbits...


What i want to know is how many posts and drawings has Porthos done to this here blog?

Perhaps I may be persuaded to join your side on Porthos being the cooler half of Kevin...

I mean I have yet to see Kevin discover anything and especially not a planet as important as Saturn.


Hey - I discovered an extra bottle of vinegar in the cupboard yesterday, Mr. Smart Guy!


Thats awesome!

1 point for Kevin!

Terry Tolleson

I couldn't help but notice the lack of commentary on the two, awesome robots in this spread.

Cowbot and Ninjbot need to be more careful and aware of their surroundings. Of course, their fate is sealed as nothing escapes the cunning Blendbot.


It's a short but oft-told tale... cowboys and ninjas can't compete with advancing technology.

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