Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dog Person

Dog Person

An Ambidextrous Comic

After drawing this comic, I realized that owning a dog has actually made me less of a dog person. I think partly because I wasn't aware that dogs could be as annoying as Ernie often gets. Also, I never realized just how territorial dogs are. Walking down my street is like running a gauntlet, where half the dogs want to just come and play, and the other half are telling Ernie and I to stay the hell out of their yard or they'll yank his innards out through my crotch.

Still, I remain more of a dog person than a cat person. I used to be a cat person, until one day when I was petting a cat, I realized it was drooling. I expect that from a dog — so no loss of respect there. But seeing an animal so normally prim and proper, doing something so undignified, changes your perspective. It's like seeing your university professor fall down a flight of stairs onto a cactus.

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Mountain Gnome

Couldn't resist that!

I'm more of a cat person myself, however I agree, drooling cats are TOTALLY undignified!


extremely off the topic, but I can't find the difference between the BSR RSS and the Superest one, the latter won't open through the widget reader I'm using...


Haha, I know exactly what you mean about the gauntlet. I've found the best way to piss off the territorial dogs is to have my boxer, Zeus, show them all the cool things they could be doing if they weren't stuck in their chain link prison. Like sniff around in circles and bark at other dogs.


Casi surrealista. Hay mucha gente que lleva el mismo "rol", vamos, que no se entera de nada.

Regards from Spain.

Ian Corey

This was the funniest write up you've done in a while. Cactus... You're crazy.


Unless it's a professor of comedy at the Clown College!


I once taught an entire class to college freshman with my fly down. Hand to heaven, it's true.

So now on the first day of class, I offer extra credit to anyone who spots my fly down and tells me about it.

I'm not which is the lesser evil, really: inadvertently having a room full of students looking at my crotch or incentivizing them to do so.

And, in a completely unrelated note, I have fallen onto a cactus.


Test Monkey, that's beyond spooky!

glindon marten

Yesss! I've been waiting for a new one.

& Testmonkey's comment was just icing on the cake.


A drooling cat is like British Royalty on Heroin. But hands down, still a cat person. Dogs are great when you're a kid or belong to someone else.


Anders - Hmmm... I'm not sure I'm understanding your problem. The BSR feed works, but the Superest doesn't? What do you mean by "find the difference"?

Sutter - I don't think they have professors at Clown College. They have "Head Jesters".

Testmonkey - What do I get if I spot your fly down?

Jtalbot - Well, once Ernie gets a little bigger and moves out of the house, that should make it more pleasant to visit him.

Cobus Bester

I love cats, dogs are a different story however.

Drooling cats are just wrong. My cat is twelve years old, and she snores quite heavily.

Random info.


BSR - I checked the code of both feeds, but couldn't see any difference between reader is a widget that pops up on top of all windows when a feed is updated, and the article should open in a browser window when I click the news item in the reader...for Superest, this doesn't work...


Hmmm - well, The Superest has an extra little bit added to embed images - I suspect that's the bit of code that's causing a problem.

Other than giving you an idea of what might be causing it, I can't really do much. Sutter and I had so much trouble getting the Superest feed to behave correctly, we're hesitant to screw around with it anymore :/


Ah, the benefits of devoted friendship. Although I have to admit that if one of my friends started wagging their buns in my presence, my fear of dogs would suddenly be discarded for other, deeper psychoses.

I cast my vote for cats. I enjoy pets who ignore me most of the time (as I do them) and make excellent bed warmers to boot. He brings in gifts, too, which offer "mircale of nature" lessons for the kids (as well as lessons about germs, dread diseases and why we never, ever touch a dead mouse/bird/lizzard/squirrell) But he doesn't drool. That would just be *wrong*.

Ryan Terry

With each passing day I become more and more certain that I don't want any pets. When I took care of a family dog it threw up on my carpet within 24 hours.

My brother's dogs had a poop festival ALL over their apartment last week. We still don't know how poop got up on the TV stand. (seriously)

The list of negatives far outweighs the positives as far as I'm concerned....but they can be cute.


The dog thinks: "look at these lovely people, they give me food, they give me love, they make me a warm place to sleep... they must be gods!"

The cat thinks: "look at these people, they give me food, they give me love, they make me a warm place to sleep... I must be a god!!"


BSR - it's ok, you're worth the extra trouble^^


Did you ever think that maybe the cat was patronising you?


Cats are the lamest pet in the world. They are so self serving. I HATE cats, but for some reason my wife has brought two of them home in the five years of being married. The first tore up my couch, NEVER came when I called him, and tore up my bed. He only came to us when he wanted to be pet, or something else from us.

The second cat we never even saw unless he wanted something.

Neither lasted in our home for longer than 6 months (THANK GOODNESS!)

Dog's although take a lot of work, are at least a much better friend & companion, a dog is pretty close to have a kid in some senses, and are there for not only their benefit, but also yours. Most dogs will come to you even if they don't really want to. They protect you, and the list can just go on and on.

I mean when was the last time you saw a guard cat (well besides a pet lion or tiger, but many times they think they have to protect you from yourself, and that just get's flat out UGLY...)


Hello Kevin I have to say that your genius is apparent...again. Gimmi some! I wanna be a genius tooooooooo. I have to say, I am personally more of a cat person myself... But seeing a cat drool MIGHT kill that undieing love of haveing one come up to you and flip on its chubby fuzzy back and meow. Now you have killed all my dreams, you are a nasty person. Hmph(just kidding)

Captain Purple

I can't remember which celebrity's parent told him "Kids!?! You should have pigs. That way if they misbehave you can eat them."

Now that we have 2 dogs and a toddler I'd have to say that I whole-heartedly agree. Pigs, all the way.


I had a little black dachshund stop next to me while I was waiting for the bus. I thought he knew I was a dachshund person, but the woman walking him let me know he was just eyeing his favorite Chinese restaurant, Yummy Hut, across the street.


It is hard to compete with pork fried rice .....


wow. i half expected the guy to start sniffing the other guys crotch and i was wondering where you were gonna take it.

then i realized, i guess i'm dirtier minded than you are... and for some reason, that scares me.


I'm with Martha on this one. Glad to see you kept yourself in check. And the children thank you too!

Mr. Fishie

My mom does this every morning before I head off to school. If I actually don't need to bathe, she wags her uh... tail. My friends find this disturbing.


I have three dogs, and i must say it's really sad to watch TV sitting on a chair cause the sofa is taken.


As the Momma to a cat that drools, Gremlin, The Big Dripper aka Old Yeller, she says it's a small price to pay versus having one of those goofy, uncouth DOGS smelling everyone and everything-hah!


Yeah... I've taken more blows to the crotch in the past year than I took in all previous years combined due to Ernie's over-enthusiastic urge to smell that area.


Amazing drawing.
It must be nerve- wracking but I must admit that I'm always acting like a cat. ._.


Haha, cats are prim and proper? XD
You obviously need to hang around cats more.

The prim and proper thing is all just an act.

Personally, I'm more of a human person.

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