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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

The New Mojo Book

Over the years, Mojo has lost quite a few jobs, the details of most having only been preserved in court records and the occasional Action News report. But thanks in part to the cooperation of city officials and two generous parole officers, a compendium of Mojo's most unsuccessful jobs is now available!

Stuffed with never-before-seen comics — as well as a few old favorites thrown in for the true Mojo connoisseur — Mojo The Sock Monkey: Curriculum Vitae is perfect for the long-time fan or those just looking to dip a toe in the Mojo pool. Want a better look? Well, you can always preview the book on Lulu (note: Lulu's preview application displays a very low-quality sample), or you can check out these bootlegged comics I snuck onto Bearskinrug while I wasn't looking:

So, if you're sitting there right now, merely using your organs for mundane task such as waste disposal and bile production, stop right now! Sell them, and use the money to purchase Curriculum Vitae! Chances are, it will do just as fair a job producing bile. The bile of laughter. Your shirts are going to get all dirty.

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Terry Tolleson


witty banter to follow…

The Colonel

Dammit, Kevin!

Every few months, you just have to create some marvelous little piece of merchandise designed solely to drive a wedge between me and my hard-earned dollah-dollah-bills, yo.

Which also gets me spouting off out-dated urban slang.

Thanks a bundle. Jerk.


i can SELL my bile-producing organ???

that's AWESOME! on my way now... and then i'll be back to donate the funds in exchange for a comic book.

dude, do i spend my money wisely or what??


...something witty about bile... let's see, something witty about bile....

Nope. I got nothin'. Congrats on the book!

Stevie K

My eyes go funny if I see excellent print,
How much for the low-quality version?


Terry - Make it witty AND a little ribald, please.

Colonel - You don't have to spout off urban slang. How about some well-worn rural slang? Like "hoss" and "chuckwagon"... and... "spigot"...

Martha - As far as I can tell, yes. Unless the liver is important. I'm not sure.

Testmonkey - Thanks! It took QUITE a while!

Stevie K. - Free... but the book is only 15 pages long.


"check out these bootlegged comics I snuck onto Bearskinrug while I wasn't looking"

Yeah. You've really gotta quit sneaking around behind your back like that. One day, you'll turn around unexpectedly and catch yourself and then what? You'll have no-one to blame but yourself.
Wouldn't that violate the fifth amendment? Or the laws of physics? :-p


I'm my own worst enemy. And come to think of it, I'm my own best friend... I'm liable to explode from paradoxes!


That sounds messy! Quite as messy as the Bile of Laughter on the T-shirt thing. Ew.
Just don't get it on the rug ... it's really hard to get out, you know. Even with Oxiclean.

Charles G.

How did I miss the Mojician... that was brilliant!


Huzzah! Can't wait to get hold of a copy.



I think you should start to seriously consider creating some kind of loyalty "Mojo Points" scheme for frequent purchasers.


Charles G. - Well - perhaps he DID disappear after all!

BigA - I think there's even a satisfying amount of changes between comics you saw in the proofing stage, and what's in there now :D

Jamie - Haha - get 10,000 Mojo Points and he comes to dinner at YOUR house!


Hm ... Mojo as a dinner guest? Incentive or liability .... ?


Well... on the upside, he'd probably bring his famous Banana Quiche!

Terry Tolleson

I told my wife about this latest installment in your continued plans for siphoning all my (and our) hard earned dollars.

She was surprised I hadn't bought it yet.

And per request: I trust that Mojo's CV here doesn’t include his stint as a proctologist? I still have nightmares from my exam…

glindon marten

Crap, this thing is awesome, but I have to save up for a future Kevin Cornell illustration don't I? Shit, I'm going to check my savings account balance.... If I get this, it means no beer for a week and that's a steep trade off.


Given Mojo's history, shouldn't 10,000 Mojo Points earn you a dinner without him?


Mojo comes over for dinner - sounds like the plot for the next comic! Or a Curious George book ...


I am a few days late, but late is better than never right!? It looks AMAZING Kev!
You have really outdone yourself. I think Mojo deserves a vacation now- you really are a slave driver!


Thanks Niffernaut!


Ordered. I'm hoping Mojo hand delivers this newest edition, if not, I guess Louis will do. Though I'll probably end up wearing his scarf as a diaper.


Cursed financial situation! You move back from a foreign country and you can't afford a blasted thing!

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!

Johnny Hall

Just received my copy of 'Curriculum Vitae' and I absolutely love it.

I hate currency conversation though...

Christmas has certainly come early in the form of a stylish paperback.


Hoorah! Glad to hear it, Johnny :D


Well, somehow Kevin keeps showing genius. Can I have some? I WANT SOME GENIUS!

Davies Oluwaseun

It's fun to be part of this memorable thing!

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