Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Superest and Other Super Things

The Superest and Other Super Things

Who is the superest hero of them all?

A couple weeks ago, I posted the results of my My Team, Your Team match against Mr. Sutter. Having enjoyed the game quite a bit, Sutter and I started thinking that an entire site dedicated to superheroes one-upping one another was actually a pretty good idea, an idea echoed by quite a few people in the comments as well.

Thus, we built www.thesuperest.com, a continually running match of My Team, Your Team. So, if your eyes have nothing to do right now but read my incredibly un-incredible words, feel free to let them romp amongst the uni-skilled heroes and villains of The Superest; they'll thank you for it!

Your eyes, I mean. Not the heroes. Heroes never say thank you. Except Thankstronomous.

Who is the most restocked shirt of them all?

In other news, the Classic Mojo Shirt shelves have been restocked, so if you couldn't find your shirt size before, chances are it's available again!

Who is the newest Mojo Book of them all?

In still more other news, I've just sent out for the final proof on next Mojo book — Mojo the Sock Monkey: Curriculum Vitae, a collection of comics exploring the many, many, many jobs that Mojo has lost since becoming employable. The book numbers 104 full-color pages, and will probably run somewhere in the $25-$30 range.

Having spent the entire year working on it, (except for a slight springtime fling), I can safely say it's my favorite creation so far. Look for it in the beginning of November. Unless you just HAVE to start looking now, in which case I'd suggest starting in the living room, under the couch cushions. That's where I found the remote.

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love how you put it "the many, many, many jobs that Mojo has lost since becoming employable" ^^


It's the most honest way of saying it.


great initiative with the Superest, by the way...it's the funniest form of drawing battle since the association game!

Kari Pätilä

Such a superb idea.


And why should heroes thank anyone? I mean, we should be thanking them. But they never answer their email. And they return your letters unopened. And they take out restraining orders on you. And they pretend that night in Mazatlan never happened.



What SUPER new site you guys have built there. I'll be sure to add it to my bookmarks.

The Colonel

That is the most maniacal swimmer I've ever seen. SO cocky in his Speedo. No pun intended. Seriously.


Testmonkey - Maybe it was one of those heroes that turn back time? Or that can't remember a thing after 5 superhero-sized margaritas?

Shane - Hooray!

Colonel - You HAVE to be maniacal to wear a Speedo. Or to surgically turn your feet into flippers. Which is the ONLY way to be a champion in professional swimming nowadays.


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I wore my Mojo Classic Tee out on a date last week (under my blazer of course) and it was a big hit. My date thought it was really cool; I think this may confirm that the shirt does indeed increase sexual attractiveness by at least 10%....


How pro can this guy really be? Everyone knows bike shorts are the new Speedo. Much better for reducing drag.


What is he doing in the first place? Plucking every hair by hand? That going to take quite some time then; it seems like he is not only lacking fear but also intelligence;-)

An awesome idea nevertheless: You already got a link in my sidebar:-)


I'm still waiting for the companion Lewis Tee to be announced... secretly hoping you're holding it back for the lucrative Christmas Present market.

Russer Butter

Yes yes, need the Lewis tee on banana yellow.


I'll tell you who the superest are - you guys! Love that site.


What a classic! Loving every moment, every punch, every defeat!

Mountain Gnome

Superest Duperest!
You guys rock, that sites going in my favorites definately!
In your picture though, there are additional notes on how the hero gets vanquished, is this still coming on the superest site?

Mountain Gnome

Crap that double posted


amazing illustrations here - i like them very much! nice blog template too!!


Between TheSuperist and CuteOverload, how, how I ask, am I supposed to get any work done?!


Gerren - Excellent! Or was your attractiveness increased because you didn't wear pants?

Nat / Squawk - Well... he's a pro in that he's got corporate sponsorship... I didn't say he WON races...

Jamie - Well, there's plenty of Lew in the new Mojo book - I figured there wasn't much of a demand for him. But I DO have plans for one!

Russer - Actually, I've been thinking Lew would be on a red tee, so that it matches his scarf.

BigA - Aww... you sure know how to flatter. And how to get a guy to send you $35.00 for bribing you to post positively!

Opspraak - Hooray!

Mountain Gnome - The additional notes section is located in each individual hero's entry, which you get to by clicking the pictures (or through the feed).

Solarium - Thanks!

Dave - You know what? CuteOverload appears to be TheSuperest where heroes battle with cuteness...

Terry Tolleson

That is the fuckin' illest site I have ever been introduced to. Utterly brilliant BSR!

How do you go to sleep, what with all the insanely awesome ideas constantly yelling at you?


guess it's time to crack open the piggy bank. ahh! so much to buy... so little money.


Terry - Those are ideas? I thought that was the neighbors!?

Martha - Omnipotent Man? Dammit! You just killed our game! ;)

His Royal Majesty

Isnt Omnipotent Man defeated by (-1)Man?


Apparently... he's beaten by "His Royal Majesty"!

Stevie K

I love this idea!

One thing though, who's going to make all the action figures?


Haha - I'd wouldn't mind having a little Taste Burglar to hang out on my desk. It would go great with my Hamburglar Collector's Glasses.

Mountain Gnome

hmm Do you think that the bulging bag of the Taste Burglar is filled with tongues? eeeeuuw, yuck!


What's the font that you've used on the site. I love it!

diane zerr

I saw your Superest site featured on NotCot.org and Veer's Skinny page, congrats!!!


Fontfreak - it's an adobe font - Block Berthold, I believe...

Diane - Haha - thanks Diane :D

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